Gratitude in Subs?


Does anyone know if there is gratitude written into the subliminals? I am currently running Emperor (loving it! thanks @Fire and @SaintSovereign !!) for about 6 weeks. I wish i could put in more time but im afraid of ultrasonic with headphones. i have seen many changes in myself. i plan on getting Khan, EOG, and S&S when i get the money. Is there enough gratitude in Emperor? Will it improve when i get the others? Or is there any at all? If not, does SubClub plan on making one?


Emperor is the sub that made me the more grateful for life and for being alive! But you have to kickstart it! Have you ever thought how lucky to live in a place where you don’t risk reciving a bomb on your house? Just start reflecting of stuff like that for a couple of minutes, and try to do it every days… the subs will probably help you keeping it going though your mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my case I tryed to be grateful for years, but I never developped the discipline… after starting emperor, I tryed again practicing gratefulness and it quickly became part of me… when people were complaining I was always thinking ‘‘it could be so much worse’’ and I often told them how lucky we were of having these problems…!