Going home for Two months. Want to Increase my stack


I hope I have not annoyed anyone with my Third post regarding stack update help.

So, I am going home for 2 months and during this time I want to increase my stack to the max!

Current Regular Stack: Khan and Mogul + True Social

GOAL: Improve Entrepreneurial mindset plus be a social charming Alpha.

Note: I am not interested in manifesting any new woman, just want to be socially charming and powerful to all male and female friends, family and potential business associates and clients.
I will move on to EOG after finishing khan

From previous posts, I have narrowed my choice to the following:

  • Power Can Corrupt
  • Spartan
  • Primal Seduction
  • Ascended Mogul/ Ascension

I know “power can corrupt” goes well with Khan, so I will add that for sure.

Requesting Feedback if adding anymore from the list above will maintain my stack effective, in regards to enough exposure/ redundant exposure.

PS. I love all of you in this community. We are a new definition of extend family


I would say consider sex mastery also .
It’s a hell of ride and can make any mundane day into electric session.


Why not Khan with EoG?

Why you consider spartan?


I don’t see any reason to update the stack.
If you MUST temporarily add to the Social side of Khan, use Daredevil - not any of the 4 you mentioned.

Note: The desire to change stack is a sign of Reconciliation. Your focus may be leaning towards “hoping the sub works”, instead of “what actions am I taking today on my goals”.


someone should have this as a banner on this forum. we always forget that because we assume the grass is greener on the other side


@rajeshwer I do consider adding this for a morning listen


Do you suggest I Start EOG with khan ( on Day 24 St 1)? won’t it be too intense?

For Mental and Physical Development, which i think will add to my confidence.


@Simon Do you suggest I swap True Social with Dare Devil?


I really cant answer this. Other people are finding two multistage intense while others feel fine. Emperor has a lot personal development. It should help with confidence and it is more related to what you need


Your current stack is pretty ideal for your goals. Ascended Mogul would also be a boost in the direction you’re looking for. Once you have run Mogul for a month I would swap it out for AM. Daredevil is also an option if you’re really looking for that smooth/charming socialite.

Neither Spartan nor PS are made to serve your specific goals so I don’t know what benefit you are seeking from those but I would not recommend.

To sum up: keep your stack the way it is, it’s great for your needs. Put AM in instead of Mogul if you want even more alpha programming. MAYBE add Daredevil if you want extra social charm (though if you run true social two or three times every morning and once before any social gatherings, that should be plenty).


@Neurokinetic Thanks for the suggestion, sounds reasonable! Do you think Adding Inner Circle to my existing stack when it comes out would be a good idea?


Yes and no. It depends on a variety of factors. The more programs you have, the longer each one will take to reach peak effectiveness. Each program is filling your subconscious with direction and the more you add the more it muddies things up. While it can help, my suggestion would be to take action and go along with what you’re doing now. Once you’ve internalized the traits and behaviours of your current program to the point where you feel comfortable acting without them, then add inner circle (or even use it solo) to manifest your dream team.


First, TS is a supercharger, hence its effect is temporary.
Second, being a charger, it is at best equivalent in power to a Stack module, not near the full Daredevil program.

So, stack DD if you want to manfest the more charming & playful side of Khan on a full time basis.
Just like you’re using Mogul for the extra Entrepreneurial push.

You can always use TS when you want its Mental State.