Going back to an old custom

I was listening to a 2 core custom and had the bright idea to add another core. Of course that was a BAD idea. Do I have to washout in the traditional sense to go back to the 2 core custom I was using for the past few months?

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What’s this situation now?

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i havent went back to the old custom, still riding the course

If you don’t mind me asking, what were the 2 original cores and what is the added 3rd core? I’m about to run a 3 core custom for the first time tonight so I’m curious.

Legacy of the Spartan and BDLM… added wanted black and now its just too damn dense!

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I’ve done exactly what you were asking about.

I changed out my HOM/PCC custom for a HOM/EOG custom and it was too dense.

I just went to the HOM/PCC one again the very next listening day

What I can safely say is that I am still alive, I did not implode, and last I checked my blood hasn’t boiled.

I guess it’s all a moot point now considering this was a few days ago