Go Big or Go Home Journal


I was all set to purchase Ascended Mogul. It was recommended, it was logical, it was wise. But I ended up purchasing The Emperor.

My intuition commanded me to purchase The Emperor.

i need
the sunrise
the wind
and the climate
to be perfect

then i might
take a walk

but these
not so perfect years
are going by
and im still waiting
for a perfect tomorrow

should i wait for a day more
or should i walk out
towards an imperfect today

what if
the sun ignores
or the wind froze

i should wait
thats logical
and reasonable
and safe

I’m not trying to be rude here. I do have few characteristics of Emperor already. And my subconscious was not allowing me to purchase any other subliminal.

I take toxic relationship out of my life like a pro. I’m not afraid to be alone actually I like my company. I was a businessman. Im not afraid of changes at all.

I’m super excited for the changes these mp3 will bring.

My Stack is

Beyond Limitless x 2
Limitless x 3
Emperor x 3
Limit destroyer x 2

I will update my journal weekly…

@fire and @SaintSovereign please help me with creativity unleashed. I was not able to purchase during it’s pre-order time. Because my card was not working. Today also you can check my card failed to make the payment twice.

Wish me luck… thanks


After 4 days of using subliminals.

  1. I usually dream alot. But since last four nights im getting the weirdest dreams ever.

  2. On first day, I had the worst headache and it stayed through the day.

  3. Anger issues is much worse.

  4. Anxiety is at all time peak.

All this shows that the subliminals are working. I’m so looking forward to the changes it will bring.

I have also started visualization.

And most important, I’m taking action. I’m learning everyday.

I am taking ten days leave from my office, so I can work hard on my grammar, copyrighting skills and also start exercising again.


Day 5: My anxiety is on another level. High blood pressure, can’t focus, head spinning. And then headache. I just can’t work in the office. Things that I could do so easily few days ago. I can’t do the same things in twice the time.

Also, goofed up big time at my work. I can even lose my Job. In a strange way, I think this is wait I wanted. I’m upset but also very positive about the way things are turning.

The goof up actually made me realize that I was so comfortable at my job that I actually took everything for granted. Now the fear of losing my job, is making me more focused in the work, I actually want to do.

I’m tensed and confident and afraid and calm and positive and negative, all at once.

I even don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Hope all goes well. From Monday I’m going on a 10 day leave.


Emperor is too too too too powerful. Don’t even think to purchase this if you want real results. It will change you. It will take you out of your shell and will make you feel vulnerable.Then it will empower you. I have listened this for just 5 days, 3-4 times a day. And boy every day is a roller coaster ride. Old passion is coming back.

Some may think it’s placebo or coincidence or lie or hyped. Believe me, I work at the safest place on Earth. Nobody gets fired there, no one. But I might get. And what coincidence is that, it all happened after listening to Emperor.

I’m sure I will post tangible results this month itself.

Thank you Subliminal Club. @SaintSovereign and @Fire


If Emperor is too powerful to run everyday all day, you can cut back on the amount and prioritize something else, like Limitless. You’ll still get SOME Emperor effects, but yes, it has the tendency to take over everything, lol.


I’m liking the power of Emperor. Change is difficult. I get it. Everything will eventually come together in the end.

I have actually increased the loop of Emperor. Lol It’s ok, matter of days or months, it will be difficult. But I will see through it…


Day 6: Increased Emperor loop from 3 to 5. Decreased Limitless from 3 to 2. I’m not listening to Beyond Limitless because of time restrictions.

My Stack is

Emperor x5
Limitless x2
Limit destroyer x2

Got my first and last warning at office. Anxiety is going down, so is anger. Brain fog is also moderate now. The day went pretty smooth otherwise.

Day 7: From today I m on a 10 day leave.

I started my keto diet.So day one on keto diet

I also started Jim kwicks Superbrain program, for memory and learning. Limitless is kicking in here.

Also Day 1 on Wim Hof method.

Too much on my plate for now. Let’s see how
many things I will keep doing by the end of this month…

But all these thing’s I wasn’t even able to start till now. I was thinking to do all this since last one year.


Day 8 to 14(5 Feb till 11 Feb)

  1. I started Keto diet on 4-2-2019 and did this diet till 10-2-2019. I started to hate this diet, within 4 days. Not because of Keto flue. I was in Ketosis on day 3. High energy levels, great boner, clear mind, all these benefits were visible on day 3. I was not craving any Carbs. But this diet is the worst ever. I was not able to eat meat. I puked on day 7. You cant do this diet for a month or a year. For me, I can’t follow this in a long term. So I stopped it. I will never eat meat again. Period. We humans are meant to eat fruits, starch, grains and vegetables.

And coincidence you may call it, the day I decided to never eat meat again, I found Dr John Mcdougall on YouTube, his advices is to eat starch based meal. So today it was the first day of following his advice. Will see how things will go from here.

  1. Im on day 8 of Jim Kwiks Superbrain. Its a 30 day program. Its a powerful program.

  2. Finished week one of Wim Hof method, will repeat week one again.

I’m on a leave, so I have no idea whether the attraction part of Emperor is activated or not. Will come to know after few days when I will start going to office again and will start socializing again.

Regarding business or side hustle, Im improving my grammar. I do have few ideas which will manifest in a month or so. I will share when the time is right.