Girls and School


I’ve been following Subclub for a long time but still have not bought something yet. However, I am reading every Testitmonial every fucking day because it is so inspiring and interesting to hear. Also my brother is using them.

I would like to start with Subs now. The main problem I see is that many people are switching subs after a while (sometimes even because of self-sabotage). To clear things out, I would like to hear your advice.

I am 17 years old and are going to school. I finish school in about 4 months, so I have many exams coming. I am very good at school, so grades are not really a problem. However, I am often procastinating and I would love to just do things early. This would give me freedom to work on my love life. I have high self-confidents but I often “don’t have the time” for girls beside talking to them in breaks. I am very Social, also with boys, and Girls seem to love me (however see me often just as a really cool friend). I also am very touchy. I am going to the gym 3 times a week and am also running a T-Shirt business which could need some help too. The T-Shirt business is not such a priority right now. It is school and girls.

Based on the results and description, I think Primal would be a great fit to become better with girls. However, the procastination is very imporatant for me. So I would like to add a second sub to compliment Primal. So I am thinking abot Ascension&Mogul or Limitless. Which one would you recommend ? And please explain why



Hmm, Mogul is good, although it might push you to work harder on your business instead of studying if you aren’t careful.

Limitless would help with both business and studying. It will help improve your desire to learn as well as your retention of information.

I would go with Primal + Limitless.

By the way, there might be a drive/ambition/productivity subliminal one day. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your answer Fire. I don’t have so much money right now, so could you hint if it is worth waiting :wink:

You just referred to Mogul. Is Ascension&Moguel different? @SaintSovereign once said it is more for personal power and could help in my case better than Moguel alone. Or would you still go for Limitless?



Yes, Ascension and Mogul are different. You can get both subliminals in a combined package called Ascended Mogul. Ascension is for personal power. Mogul is for entrepreneurship. Ascended Mogul gives you both, but takes longer to manifest.


What happens if you dont have your own business and have a low level job how will mogul help you ?


@Grimm1390 I believe Mogul will help your harder work be effective and hence get noticed by the seniors…and then promotion… ND eventually you take over the entire office… And from there you start listening to emeperor and build an empire out of that company!!! Then you sell off that business and apply for another low level job… eventually transforming how people see low level jobs.
Mogul, Emperor, Sell, Repeat
Although are you ready to have your name written down in history?


So its just getting noticed? I thought it would help one with being more productive and focusing on money


It’s building wealth however you’re going about it. There’s scripting for predicting the market, spotting business opportunities, being more productive in your job, etc. Whatever your plans are for building wealth, the scripting in Mogul is focused on enhancing your abilities in that regard