Getting to my account is user unfriendly

I find it frustrating to get to my account (where my store titles are). Where is the link on the website?

Honestly i didnt find it from the main website(using my mobile), so i just used one of the subclub emails that have the link in my mailbox.

Anyone also having difficulty finding it? Also such an hassle to have multiple different logins, one for the orders and the other for tickets and the other for main titles.

Also i can’t find a list of the modules i own, i have to check the orders each time and the last time i asked support for a list of modules i found out parts where missing from the time i ordered through PayPal, sigh.

All in all my experience is nervewreking navigating this all and it makes it frustrating in the end.

Just had to get this of my chest.

Happy to test any improvements you make


We accidentally deleted it a few days ago and added it back today, hence @aaa 's frustration. It’s where @Simon mentioned now.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone.


There’s not one aggregate list.

What there is is this:

  1. Navigate to the Q-store website and log in to your Q-store account.
  2. Go to the Step 1: License Modules screen that we use whenever buying new modules
  3. Hover your mouse over any module on the screen. If you have purchased it already, the website will indicate that you already own it. The option to purchase the module will no longer be there.

you have purchased

As long as you stay logged-in, this is what will happen. You’ll never be able to purchase the same module twice.