GENERAL Thoughts & Benefits

  • Whenever I play a major sub such as Ascension or Emperor, at high volume, I can FEEL the frontal lobe being simulated, touched, molded… SOMETHING’s going on there 100%. Anyone else have that?

  • Any subliminal that has ‘Rich Deep Sleep’ is a GodSend. And you know why. The sleep is refreshing, rejuvenating and “deep”. It just feels fantastic. I wake up with a glowing face because of that (beauty sleep).

  • When I have a subliminal on, ultrasonic or not, it occupies some of my brain space. I.e, it has some of my attention because I know that it’s on and effecting me. That’s attention I’m giving to it which I could be using towards something else.

  • After these subs, I’m always doing extremely deep stretching Instinctively. I heard that tight muscles have ‘memory’ or ‘emotions’ stored in them. Regardless, it feels amazing to stretch some deep obscure muscle in your body that you don’t even know was tight.



Do you meditate a lot or practice energy work apart from listening to subliminals?


Nope. Not one bit. If by energy bit you mean working out, yeah.


Subs make me very ‘drowsy’. Makes me want to lay down and close my eyes. Although this is a very relaxing and euphoric type of feeling, it’s still counter-productive.