Gaming Mastery X Released!


Our newest cutting edge subliminal of the Weapon X line has finally been released!

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a professional gamer, or are one and desire to be the best of the best, this is a must buy.

It will catapult all your abilities while gaming - aim, reflexes, game awareness - you name it, it has it.

Armed with Gaming Mastery X, your opponents have no chance.

Just don’t be on the receiving end. :smiling_imp:

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Does this subliminal help also to be competent at games of chance? E.g poker,bridge and other card games.


It will help somewhat, but it isn’t it’s main purpose. There will be subliminals targeting games of chance, and even a lottery subliminal, but for now we’re marching full power towards releasing EMPEROR and a yet unnamed sub.


So if one is not a video game player would this be beneficial in terms of general strategy and mind power in the larger game of life?

If you listened to Emperor would this be redundant?


There are aspects that would help in general, but this subliminal is particularly targeted at video gaming.


I figured so but thought it worth asking.


Any plans for a more general strategy and critical thinking focused sub?


Yes – it’s called Limitless and will be coming in the next week or so.


So will the standalone Limitless be different from the module that is already in Emperor and S&S other than simply being more focused (not woven into the complex matrix of another sub)?