Gain Respect from your PEERS


Hi fellas!

I recently got a new job in a new company.

I’m really excited about this new position, because I have a good opportunity to grow and show my expertise.

However I feel like my work is not really perceived as valuable as I’d like from my colleagues.

I don’t feel respected.

So I thought, I’d just ask for your advice :smiley:

In your opinion, what’s the best subliminal for projecting an aura of respect to your peers?

Like, dominance, but in a non-threatening way. Like, the guy who know his stuff, the guy you can trust and you don’t want to mess around with.

Emperor? Maybe Power Can Corrupt? Daredevil? Khan (which I have, so maybe I’d ask which stage)?

Thanks guys, your help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

[SOLO] Tarmicle's Journey with The Incredible Experimental EmperorQ

Hi and welcome to the show!
I feel like Ascended Mogul and Commander might be perfect for this.


I like how specific you are :smile:

A perfect stack for this would be:

Emperor v4
Emperor v4
Aura Stacking module

It depends on how much you can handle. Maybe running that stack once a day, then letting it process for the rest of the day is the best thing when you begin running this stack.

With, as @ExploringAstronaut mentioned, The Commander supercharger X2 in the morning.

And I look forward to your new journal on this, @Tarmicle!


Hey @Amash I never really understood what aura does? Why add it to thia specific stack?


He specifically asked for a focus on Aura. Aura increases the intensity of the aura aspect from some subs.
However, it doesn’t work with multi-stage subs, like Khan.
But it does increase the Aura of Emperor V4 in my testing.


Hello guys!

Thank you for your suggestions @ExploringAstronaut and @AMASH !

Thank you for putting great care in your answer @AMASH.

In fact, I have a question for you :slight_smile:

I’m following your journal and I know you used Khan with great results.

I was wondering, why would you reccomend Emperor instead of Khan in my case? Isn’t Khan about “social dominance”? Wouldn’t that be a better suit to make people respect you at the workplace?

I’m sure there’s a good reason for that, I was just curious to hear your opinion :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m definitely making a journal about this! :wink:


Perfect recommendations. I can vouch for EV4’s efficacy. Potent, efficient and vigorous.

Warning: It will break you down real bad, psychologically if you are unprepared.


Emperor is more for building businesses and such, working for someone wouldn’t khan be better suited?

What is the real difference between kahn stage 3-4 and emp v4?


I am really interested in khan’s total breakdown level 1, but Khan overall seemed to be a whole lot like a multi-stage version of Emperor, so I have been reticent to buy it, since I already have Emperor. In fact, and I have been surprised I haven’t yet taken the plunge, even though I have many of the single stage titles, I have yet to purchase a multi-stage title.

Does Emperor V4 have any scripting that would be analogous to Khan’s total breakdown?


Interesting question @Tarmicle.

On the surface, it appears like there should be an obvious answer, but you have 4 separate requirements, and you’re going to get conflicting responses. :slight_smile:

This is the world of Ascended Mogul.

This one is the arena of Limitless, and if it fits you, Emperor.

Aura is almost entirely the Emperor’s domain.

In an office, that’s what Khan does. (Great example: @Michel’s journal)

Choose according to what you value the most. :smile:

My general recommendation for anyone in a new job would be Ascended Mogul (± Limitless).

Prove your productivity first, while building friendly rapport.
Dominance & Power games can be played later.

Unless you’re in upper managment. Then, you have to start with the big ones. :+1:
Emperor / Khan / EOG ± Power.

On “IF”:

Emperor could be the best single product for what you’re asking, but you’ll have to test it for yourself.
It needs that the job/company provides ample growth potential for you, else it will motivate you to quit and start something of your own.

For a recent example, check the change in @d1gz’s vibe in the office within 2 days of switching from Ev4 to AMv2.


I wouldn’t say vibe per se. More like how I approach things with work. Before, even the mere mention of work can get me riled up. Now, it’s more like meh, same ish different day. But at least I’m getting more done.

I’d have to agree with you on this one. In any job, unless you’re the owner/CEO, you should first show you’re worth being hired. Dominance comes after you’ve made yourself indispensable.


Hey everyone,

thank you for your answers. I really appreciate your insights, @WiseWalker, @Simon and @d1gz.

I love how you were able to read between the lines of the situation,@Simon, and offer me specific advice that meet different needs :slight_smile:

I got great value form your post. That being said, your comment:

made me realize that I asked for advice without even give you guys a little bit of context. So, I think a little bit of background is due :slight_smile:

I’ve been working in a this company, since December. The business is small because it’s a new business: we’re just 10 employees.

To make it short, there’s plenty to do and also good opportunities to grow. The business is a couple of years old, but strickly speaking everyone is starting from square one.

I’ve been a marketing consultant, doing freelance work for the last 5-6 years. Got tired of it. I wanted to be in a team, be part of something to prove my worth. So I applied for this job as a new junior marketing specialist.

So officially it’s a junior position but, since I have plenty of experience and the marketing department doesn’t even exist yet, the CEO made it clear that I am going to be CMO as the company grow.

I don’t want to sound cocky, but I’m confident that the CEO is very well aware of my worth. If I had to be 100% honest, I’d say that impress her is not going to be a problem. Plus, I’ve been an entrepreneur myself, I’m a bit used to the grind and I’m not that worried about productivity. :slight_smile:

That being said, this workplace is really social. Here, people are measured not only by their work, but also by their ability to deal and get along with people. You have to be the cool guy. The guy you want to be around with. But you also have to project that aura of “don’t fuck with me, not even as a joke” or they won’t ever take you seriously, they will take advantage of you and minimize your value.

I know it’s crazy but that’s the way it is.

Now, socially speaking, I’m quite the anxious guy. I’m constantly worring about what others think of me. I’m easly irritated. I can’t even take a joke, if that pushes me too much for my taste. I’m a bit awkard, when interacting with people. Low profile guy. I’m constantly give 100 fucks about everything and I can tell people can SMELL my insicurity.

I’m tired of this shit.

I want to be respected. I want to dominate my social (working) space. I want to be admired. Knowing that I don’t have to respond to anyone except the CEO and knowing that in the future I’m gonna be a manager, and the rest of them can profusely kiss my ass.

At the same time, I don’t want to be a freaking weirdo who gets mad at stupid shit, just because he doesn’t like it.

I know, that’s a lot of wants. But, I know you guys have the answer. :slight_smile:

[SOLO] Tarmicle's Journey with The Incredible Experimental EmperorQ

Clearly you did not complete your run of Khan. :smile:

What subs have you been using the last 6 months?
And more specifically, since starting the job?


Thank you for your question @Tarmicle :slight_smile:

I love Khan. I believe Khan and Sex Mastery X are the very best products here at Sub Club.

Now, about my recommendation: I gave you exactly what you asked for – You wanted an aura of respect.

So, using the Aura Stacking Module would be perfect for this, and it works very well with Emperor but not with Khan.

Secondly, Khan gives you more of the Primal sexual aura with the Daredevil social swagg, rather than the professional dominant Aura of Emperor.

You talked specifically about work, not about anything related to women.

Therefore, based on your request, I gave you the right answer. However, if you want to modify, add, or clarify exactly what you wish for, then the recommendation might change :slight_smile:

So, to get respect in the workplace, my answer is the ideal stack.

Well, I do believe that eventually everyone here deserves to be his own boss and to start his own Empire and company. So, Emperor will lay down the foundation for that.

And Emperor works well even when you’re an employee.

If you read @SaintSovereign’s early journals, you will know he has a “real job” and he has used Emperor for almost 2 years now to get great results, promotions, and respect at his office job.

So, he’s the “case study” and proof that this works extremely well as an employee. But only if you’re ambitious. And it also enabled him to start a company on the side, to grow his wealth, which is what I wish for @Tarmicle and all of the people here.

It’s VERY VERY different. There is almost no similarity.

The metaphor would be:

  • Emperor V4 is Christian Grey, a dominant, serious, ambitious CEO bilionaire.
  • Khan 3-4 is more of the Prince who expects respect, who is youthful, energetic, free from worry, and just playing around with people and with girls to enjoy life and have a good time while doing the work he loves.

Look at the text I wrote just above this quote.

It has something called New Beginnings.
It does some of the things Total Breakdown does but from a different angle.

Imagine you’re attacking a problem. The more angles you attack it from, the more it will crumble, loosen, and let you free.

But to summarize: The scripting that achieves a similar effect to Khan’s Total Breakdown is Emperor v4’s New Beginnings.

Very interesting @d1gz.

Why did you use the words “at least” when you said: “At least I’m getting more done”?
For example, is getting more done worth also getting more pain or more apathy in the process? And if so, what would be the deep reason why?

Yes. And since you’ve been an entrepreneur doing things on your own, to now being on a team, does this mean you’re shifting into a new way of being that is less familiar to you? Or are you already a social guy?

Oh, you answered it here.


You’re correct, @Simon. I didn’t complete my run of Khan because I had a bad tinnitus back then and decided to stop with subliminals altogether.

Now my tinnitus is a little better, so I figured I’d get back to subs to give me a hand with my new job and my social anxiety.


As you know from my journal, I have a lot of debt. So for me, I need my current job at least until I get a better one. The thing is, with Emperor, my tolerance for crap was virtually non-existant. So I needed to tone things down a bit. Which is why I went with AM/mogul instead.
Now, I still see crap at work. I still hate it, but now I can work around it. Before, with Emperor, I had this urge to fight against all that shit. The problem there is that with an organization full of people who resist change, it is very difficult to have people adapt or even change. This is even harder if you are near the bottom of the totem pole.