FYI: Subs on Galaxy Watch



i am new to this forum but using subs since years. I was looking for a practical way to play my subs while i am awake. Its not possible for me to play them during the night because i am not alone :slight_smile:
My S9 isnt so practical to carry around the whole day so i decided to try the Galaxy Smart Watch.
Running Khan ST1 since one week now on my Watch and its running perfectly. Checked the output with frequensee app on my S9 and adjusted it to -30db with level 12 from 14 on the watch.
The battery will last for one day so all is fine.
Maybe someone was wondering if it is possible to use the Galaxy Watch.
For me this solution is perfect. I have the sub playing the whole day and can move and go wherever i want.

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I have also tried using my Apple Watch to play a sub but I couldn’t find an app that allows you to use the internal speaker of the Watch. Guess the quality is too bad so Apple won’t allow it. Are you sure that the internal speaker of the Galaxy Watch is sufficient for the sub?


Crap — I have the newest Apple Watch and was going to try this myself. Either way, @Hannibal please let me know how this goes.


The speaker is good enough to play the sub. This was also my concern but i bought the watch to try this out.
Checked the ouput with my s9 and frequensee. Like i wrote before the signal looks similiar to the signal of my S9 or my S7. I am playing the ultrasonic for sure and the speaker of the watch is able to transmit the ultrasonic signal.
Also ST1 is affecting me heavily. Imho it works.


can you write the model of your watch?


Yes for sure.


Its the current Galaxy Watch 46mm version. Not the active and gear version.


I just found there is an app for the AW that says it can play audio through the internal speaker of the AW. it is called MMPlayer.
maybe you could let us know if the speaker is good enough for the subs.

Here is a video how it works: