Future Emperor!


Hi everyone!
Love the cordial and supportive environment here! Plus the CoFounder sounds like a very genuine person :wink:
I just happen to find the site by accident and bought into Emperor.
I have always been interested in personal development, marketing, the occult, brazilian jiujitsu, ancient wisdom, hermitism, and startups / entrepreneurship in general.

I am a little overwhelmed as to where to start and what is the difference between the 3 different files (masked, extreme, ultrasonic).

Not sure if I downloaded the whole thing as on the sales page - there is a long list of modules, but there is only 1 audio file in each category? Also I am unable to locate the script for the audios!
Any recommendations to what has worked best? - which audio for morning, afternoon, night?


Hey there, and welcome to Subliminal Club.

Yes, you downloaded the entire program. On the sales pages, we list the various sub-modules that make up one major program. Trust me, it wouldn’t work nearly as well if you tried to run every individual module by itself. You wouldn’t get enough exposure to the scripting for it to cause an effect.

As for the audio script, we don’t publish our scripts – it’s trade secret. We don’t script our subliminals like other producers. We use a new approach that has proven to be very effective, as long as you’re working toward a goal.

Here’s the lowdown on the three formats:

Masked subliminals have the script embedded within a masking track – in this case, running water. To you, it sounds like running water, but your brain also processes the hidden, embedded subliminal script.

Ultrasonic is “silent.” The sound has been encoded to play at the very edge of conscious human hearing. You can’t consciously “hear” it, but your brain still registers the sound. Look inside the included instruction manual for more information, including proof that it’s not just a blank file.

“EXTREME” was a prototype subliminal. It can lead to better results for some people.

I like to use ultrasonic, "set and forget’ method, where I just let it play, 24/7 non-stop. I know some people can’t do that for various reasons, but if you can, use that method. You can also let the ultrasonic play while you sleep, or listen to the masked throughout the day.

Take a look around – plenty have posted about their stack and listening habits. Enjoy!


set and forget works great and the masked is good too. I usually listened to masked at home since i live alone and no one cares to hear running water and the tv going sametime lol.


Thanks! @Floridianninja and @SaintSovereign! Really helpful.
I have been putting the Max and regular v2 on repeat at work and 3 hours of it when I sleep.

I still dont feel much different so far. But I am still keeping at it.
I am into this for the personal development side of things. Not too much into casual relationships.
I am interested in the comment - “as long as you’re working toward a goal” - would you recommend looking at my goals sheet / vision board etc while listening as well?

Looking forward to improving my life this 2019!


How many hours have you listened?

I was referring to you actually working toward completing those goals, but if your vision board helps, use it.


I currently do between 4 to 8 hours daily depending if I have meetings or not.
More on weekends - I love the ultrasonic because I can do other things while listening to it.

I feel there is some improvement to my drive and some clarity on how to order tasks. Which is pretty interesting. I finally started tracking my finances and have been abit more conscious of what I do.


Current Stack:

Morning Stack (total time: 5 Hours 18 Mins)
Emperor EX
Beyond Limitless
Aura X Ultrasonic
Limit Destroyer Ultrasonic
Emperor V2 Ultrasonic
Assension v2 Ultrasonic
Godlike Masculinity Ultrasonic

Throughout the Day
Assension v2 (either Ultrasonic or Masked)
Aura X
Godlike Masculinity (either Ultrasonic or Masked)

Evening Stack (total time: 3 hours 46 minutes)
Regeneration New Dawn
Limit Destroyer
<Proposed - Elixir>
Emperor v2 Ultrasonic
Regeneration (Ultrasonic)
Aura X (Ultrasonic)

@SaintSovereign - any thoughts? Overkill? Do you suggest I move anything around?
Is it OK to pause and continue where I left off - or do you suggest starting the track from the start? As I will be probably having meetings mid way and will have to cut short in the middle of a track.


I have been stalking (I mean reading) around the forum.

Looks like the general advice is to keep the stacks as tight as possible.

My current goal is to build up an empire and be able to have the option to quit my day job at any time (read: sufficient f**k you money and 10k or more USD per month), at the same time build up my alpha status in my day job and build myself up to be the leader of the pack - building my aura, intellectual, physical, spiritual, character and alpha self.

I am still deliberating whether to use the route of a freelancer/copywriter, blog artist / course content creator, physical products.

So my current stack:

Elixir before sleep
Regeneration New Dawn
Phoenix Down
Limit Destroyer
Limitless Ultrasonic x 2
Emperor EX
Emperor v2 x2
Aura masked

Beyond Limitless upon waking
Limit Destroyer
Limitless x 2
Aura X
Emperor EX
Emperor v2
Aura Masked


@SaintSovereign @Fire - any advice on the stacks above?


My advice: It’s a bit complicated and convoluted. May have too many major programs. It’s a good experiment, though. That being said, create two stacks. Healing stack and then Wealth Status stack. Stick with JUST Regeneration or Regeneration New Dawn for a period of time before mixing. They’re bound to have different results. Same thing with Emperor. So, for example –

Regeneration x 4
Phoenix Down x 2
Limit Destroyer x 2

Beyond Limitless
Limitless x 3
Emperor v2 x 3
Aura x 2

Set and forget.


I had an odd dream last night.
There was a murder - but I didn’t feel fear - I was the killer, victim and the weapon.
It was a surreal feeling.

Then it transitioned to a party with a lot of food. It seemed to be some celebration and I met some family members there.


I decided to move one step down from Emperor and go with the stack below for the past 2 weeks:

Limit Destroyer X 1
Ascended Mogul X 4
Ascension X 4
Limitless X 2

Running this on ultrasonic at nights and during work but on masked in the day with Airpods during my commute.
It’s been working out quite well. I find myself being quite productive, being a bit more proactive in charting out what I should be doing and being a bit obsessive about grooming.


I just had the urge to write down these Affirmations today that I will review every morning when I wake up, in the afternoon and before I sleep.

Affirmations v1

  1. I am the master of my thoughts, feelings and personal energy . I am fully aware and in control of the thoughts and feelings I choose to keep. I constantly check on the thoughts, feelings and energy I am projecting and live in conscious awareness. I look after my inner state first.

  2. I live in full awareness of where is my thoughts and energies are being directed to and serving.

  3. I have crystal clarity in my thoughts, writing and speech .

  4. I know what I want and how do I go about to get it. I will attract all the right people, resources and situations to get what I want.

  5. I attract the very best people, resources and situations to my life that supports my personal and spiritual growth. I have the courage and strength to face and succeed every situation that come my way.

  6. I am grateful for everything I have accomplished so far, situations I have encountered and people whom I have met in my life. I believe that there is a lesson and hidden blessing in every situation and people who come my way.

  7. I finish and follow through initiatives that supports my end goals and diligently review whether the initiative contributes to my end goal. I cut away all distractions that do not contribute to my end goal.

  8. I radiate a charming and masculine charisma that is high status, compassionate, loving, wise and truthful.

  9. I focus on my strengths and unique virtues - letting go of importance, neediness and negativity. I am self sufficient and resourceful.


I am very very pleased with the current stack of The Legacy / Beyond Limitless in the morning, Ascended Mogul, Limitless and the occasional Aura, Rebirth, Godlike Masculinity as and when I need throughout of the day. I also do Ultrasonic of the same subs at night.

With subliminals, bulletproof coffee, yoga, meditation and good stimuli of reading materials and people around me - I feel this sense of control and fulfillment. I also feel the importance to be clear and intentional on life goals and how one spends a day.

I will give Emperor another try in the next few months.


Moving back here - since Q has been released. I will assume this experimental testing thread would not be relevant anymore.


Q hasn’t been released. StarkQ is. If you’re still running emperorQ, please use the other thread.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification.