From skeptical to alchemy ? Lets see!



I am testing for 9 days the alchemy product. I am listening to it around 3 to 4 loops a day. What are my first feelings about it ?

  1. The few first days, I was feeling very sleepy when I was listening. Impossible to work hard. But I supposed that my subconscious has adjusted because now I can work and listen to it in the background and be normally productive.

  2. The most important point I felt for now : Feeling very relaxed but aware. By myself I will think, for example, the words “I am relaxed” and direct the idea to an area which is tense, I will feel a strong relaxation of this body part. Now I think there is some kind of resistance/reconciliation. Sometimes I will feel some kind of pressure in the area of solar plexus, as if the subconscious wants the former programs back

  3. Few days ago I was in a room with around 100 persons sitting. Suddenly, coming from nowhere I had that strange idea, “we are one”… I realized that maybe it was from the program Alchemy. I felt that this idea could be transformed into the feeling of oneness. But it stayed at the level of an idea only.

  4. During the program, I feel the strong energy/warmth in my hands to the point that sometimes it is painful. So I tested with my wife. She has a bruise on her leg for several days now. So I put my right hand on the bruise and the left hand a little bit above. She told that my right hand was burning and the bruise was becoming very hot. Right after she had no more pain and now the color is changing so soon it will be finished. I applied my hands twice a day for three days. Each time she was feeling less and less the heat of my hands. I practiced with her also with my hands a little bit above her skin and she said she felt like a warm current. I have a guinea pig with my wife :grin:


That is some cool progress!


Glad to see the first Alchemist journal up and running. Very interested to see what you can get done with this sub.