Free Ascension Lite


I’ll be starting Ascension Lite in a few minutes. I am interested to see how it will affect me.

If this program has a noticeable and desireable effect on me, I might consider buying others. Well, only if SubliminalClub is getting PayPal back that is.

I am not too exited after reading the instructions .pdf - Grammatical errors are not desireable in that kind of document and poison the budding expectation of what I will experience when running something that has more than 4 pages script length.

Anyhow, I am not here to splatter negativity onto your walls while I am just arriving. I’ll jug down what’s happening in a few days, after I got a feel for this sub.



All jokes aside, welcome to Subliminal Club! Could you please point out the grammatical errors in the document?

Thanks again!



You used a present tense, when you should’ve used future.
‘‘If this program will have, then I might …’’

Also you’d use ‘‘buying others’’ only if you had bought at least one.



Touché. Deal and receive.

From the Instruction.pdf:

  • “Please do not listen [!] our programs …” in the disclaimer

  • “You’ll definitely have more vivid, pronounce[!] and profound dreams.” page 4

  • “please feel free to contact us [!] [email protected], or …” page 4

These are jumping at me.

But hey, it’s your native language not mine. :wink:

I look forward to getting some logic cookies.


Hah, had a little chuckle at this. Thank you, we will look into it.

And of course, welcome to Subliminal Club. :slight_smile:


We won’t be adding PayPal as a standard processor. They’re shady. However, if you wish to purchase using PayPal, send an e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll allow it certain situations.


Yes I agree with your comment about PayPal. I don’t know what’s going on with them lately, it seems ever since they parted from ebay and went solo, they’ve started to become quite a pain in the a$$ at times.


Third day today.

My dreams have somewhat changed. But since I get that often, even with the weakest subliminal programs I have run over the years, I won’t automatically equate it with progress. It means only that something is getting registered by my brain.

Things like unusual and novel thoughts, sudden impulses, etc., stuff that I normally get with subliminal programs from other vendors at this stage, are not (yet) present.

I’ll keep going.


Our programs are not built like other vendors, so you can’t compare the experience to theirs. As stated multiple times on the forum, we don’t use “instructions.” There will be no “sudden impulses,” because your subconscious isn’t being given commands to follow. Instead, your belief system is being challenged, but not in a forceful way. It’s more inquisitive and exploratory.