FractalQ ~ Fractal's Custom Journal


I finally got my custom Q ordered this afternoon at Terminus strength.

I’m calling it FractalQ because it’s set up to be my core subliminal. My idea with this one is to provide a foundation for what I need (wealth, healing, productivity, motivation), prep myself for benefiting even more in future Q subs and a little bit of physical modules.

Most of this is copied from a word doc I’ve been working on since Q opened, so that’s why it’s so detailed haha. This was the only way to help me decide on the modules:


  1. StarkQ – My ideal persona I’d like to be and life I’d want to live.

  2. Ultimate Artist – My creative goals and desires. Lots of synergy here with my current self too.

  3. Quantum Limitless S4 – I need to do a lot of technical things and learn new skills quickly for my goals, so QL4 is a great one that covers all aspects in this area. Alternative option was Ascension or Minds Eye. If starting with QL4 shows to be too much for me, then I’ll buy QL separately and play it along with this starting from stage 1.

Wealth and productivity

  1. Natural Winner – I have trouble creating success and believing I could be a winner, to the point that I sometimes quit before even trying. One of the most obvious module choices for me.

  2. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy – I’ve screwed myself in the past not caring too much about wealth and it has got me in a corner. I desire wealth for the freedom that you get from it and support you can give to others. I’d also like the energy boost it says it gives. I used to think just heading towards your dreams will eventually sort the wealth problem out, but have learned the hard way over the years that is not the case. So there’s lots of blockages here for me that I hope this and the other wealth ones will help sort out.

  3. Sultan – This seems useful to find my own unique way to create wealth, which is something I’m trying to do right now. So it should be effective since it is something I’m often taking action on. I painfully dropped Financial Success Reality Shifter for this one because Sultan also mentioned manifesting wealth.

  4. Productivity Unleashed – Distraction is an old friend of mine. I was flipflopping between this and Carpe Diem Ascended. Still not certain what one would be best for me, but I decided this once since I’m getting motivation from UWM above.

  5. Godlike Masculinity – To bring out more discipline and enhance my masculinity. I can sometimes be a bit docile, so this should help with that too. This one also helps make up the lack of Ascension in this build.


  1. Blue Skies – That inner love I heard you get from it is something I’d really want and I like the spiritual angle it takes too. I’ve also heard so many good things that I have to try it out.

  2. Inner Voice – My inner voice has been a powerful thing in the past. It can beat me down into a pulp or rise me up with euphoric breakthroughs. Having it always do the latter would be life-changing. I have a feeling this could be the most important module for me.

  3. Negativity Displacer – I struggle with anxiety in lots of moments, to have those moments empower me instead seems just too perfect for me.

  4. ARES – This slot was a hard one to pick and the last to be finalized. First it was Potentiator to help realize more possibilities before me. But then I wanted it to focus on caring too much of what others think, which halts me in many ways. At first that seems like Rogue is a good fit, but I felt a more healing approach is better suited on the “why” I care too much. Attachment Destroyer was anther one where it helps with inability to say some things. FEBRUUS was another, to purify false beliefs and become powerful and successful, which would work well with my goals too. Finally, I settled with ARES because I realized the core of this issue for me is weakness, doubt and fear, all things specifically mentioned to be targeted.

Results Enhancement

  1. DEUS – Everything about this one seems like a must have with how it covers all these different bases to increase the power of the subliminal.

  2. Mosaic – I’m going to be stacking with Ultima, Minds Eye and a bit of Aegis, I might even try this with StarkQ:T to see how they gel, so this seems necessary. In the future I plan to have more custom Qs too and who knows what else SubClub is going to cook up, so it just makes sense to have this one in here.

  3. Omnidimensional – Seems like this one could really help find unique angles in a subliminal making it’s use last much longer, so a subliminal never slows its progress.

  4. Pragya – Making your brain better at assimilating subliminals is a valuable thing here and should only makes using subliminals better as time goes on. Seems like an important one to start with and then maybe not needed as much in later Q subs once I have that development.

  5. Energetic Development XI – Wanted to have at least one module having to do with auras. This one also has the benefit of enhancing results. I have a feeling this will have strong synergy with blue skies as well. Seems like a good aura foundation module too.


  1. Serum X – I work out a lot and don’t heal as quick as I used to, this seems like a great assistant to my long-time hobby. I hope it will also assist in healing an annoying popping shoulder joint that also causes stiffness and headaches, I’m also doing exercises to help it too. Very excited for this one!

  2. Physicality Shifter – Sexiness – This one seems like a good long-term investment since physical stuff takes longer. It’s also my curiosity of how far subliminals can be pushed and I like that it seems to take a general approach and cover everything. I also feel like StarkQ has been doing some things in this area for me already, so I’m interested to see what this module has in store.

  3. Male Enhancement – Got to have one choice for fun lol. Plus, it’s easy to measure the results compared to changing your personality and any result can only be attributed to the subliminal. I like those binary stakes. I hope this won’t be the case, but in a way this could become a “belief booster” for me if my life is still lagging behind by the time it starts working. ie. if sublimnials can change my body, why do I still believe I have trouble changing my life?

So yeah, I’m pretty excited about it and relieved to have finally made a decision. It should be coming in by Tuesday, in the meantime I’ll be continuing my Minds Eye and Ultima experiments and maybe post about those experiences here as I wait.


Hey nice custom list

Just a heads up as you seem to be running some of the same as my custom:

I think you’ll like the Male Enhancer when it kicks in, as I feel like my flaccid size is better and my erection size is more thicker and heavier. It’s not a Jörmungander (giant snake) yet but it’s nice and with DEUS I hope to see continuous improvement.


You will find it smooth. When using this my productivity shot up loads. At work my team leader said I appear as a “different person” and I cleared my work with great ease after that. I’m using it alongside BLU and I’m hoping to satchel charge my results going forward.

There will be a come down from it and you may find yourself getting frustrated at times with regards to dealing with everyday people because your mind is moving faster than other peoples’ (if that makes any sense) be prepared to hold back a lot on others as they begin to look really incompetent in your presence whilst on QL4

Looking forward to your progress!


Thanks for the heads up!

It’s really amazing how fast the male enhancement is working for you. I’m not in a rush, but it’ll be awesome if that is the same for me. IDK why but “Jörmungander” really made me laugh. haha

I know what kind of effect you are talking about with QL. I’ve experienced lighter versions of that with StarkQ. Like I would remember what people told me, but they would forget that they told me that and would tell me the same thing again. I’m also going to stack this with BLU as the main ultima and then I want to try adding in Godlike Masculinity and Aura when they are upgraded. Now you’ve got me more hyped for this.

I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress too, best wishes to your journey!


I’m almost finished my week of Minds Eye Q, last week I listened to the Terminus² version. So far, I’ve noticed that the T² version has had more noticeable effects on me.

Firstly, on T² I was starting to get some pretty vivid dreams and one of them had a clear, useful meaning to me. While on regular, I haven’t been able to remember much dreams at all. I believe that this hints to me that T² is triggering more things in my subconscious, so it is venting out things more powerfully.

Secondly, I think my minds eye was also stronger on T². One helpful experience I noted last week while on T² is: The other night I was able to vividly imagine a feature in my project as I was falling asleep. Usually I can imagine it, but this time I was able to take it further by imagining problems with the feature that I would run into if I implemented it the way I was planning. This was very useful as I would typically get excited by the idea, implement it and then find out these problems, causing me to waste time. I was able to continually run it in my head as if I was playing it on the computer and then come up with why it isn’t working as I was running it.

I believe my mind likes getting bombarded with subliminals, I’m not sure why… I’m thinking it’s stubborn. But more evidence to me on this is I had some very heavy reconciliation and was feeling awful when I took a week break from any subliminals right before the Ultima tests hit. Just look at my last post in my old journal lol.

So I’m glad I got my custom in Terminus and I’ll probably be using MET² along with it too. Maybe this test wasn’t fair for the regular, since I only gave it a week to compare and the lighter ones may take longer to have an effect? I played MET² once a day last week and ME usually twice a day, but sometimes once. So I could have likely not played ME often enough during the day too.

I was also playing this with StarkQ, UA and various ultimas so they would of had influence too. I didn’t play UA last week though and I added a single listen of ultrasonic StarkQ and UA at night as I fell asleep during this week.


My Q should be dropping any time now, so I’ve been coming up with a listening schedule to start out with.

I’ll start Monday with Day A and cycle through each day until Sunday, which will be a rest day, after that I start the cycle over.

Day A

  • Ultima 1X
  • FractalQ 1X
  • Minds Eye T^2 1X

Day B

  • FractalQ 1X
  • Minds Eye T^2 1X
  • Aura 1X or Godlike Masculinity 2X

Day C

  • Ultima 1X
  • FractalQ 1X
  • Aegis: Covid 1X

Other notes:

  • I’ll also be playing DREAMS every night and Beast Within and Beast Unleashed on gym days.

  • I’ll eventually add an Ultima in Day B once I’m sure I can handle it and then swap out Aura and GLM.

  • As for what ultima I’ll be playing, it’ll largely be Beyond Limitless but I’m thinking I could benefit with starting out with Rebirth too, so I’ll be switching it up.

  • All will be played masked for now. I eventually plan to add a loop of FQ ultrasonic at night later on.

Now a little update:
I weighed myself the other day and it said I gained 10 lb since last weighing. I used the scale at the gym and not my own though and weighed myself after my workout, so the weight can be much heavier than usual. It still seems substantial to me and once I get the scale at my house working again, I’ll update on that with more detailed info. I do feel that I have been gaining some good muscle mass lately.


My Q has arrived! :grinning: I gave it a listen tonight, since I couldn’t wait and then I’ll start with Day B tomorrow. 30 min in, it already felt different or “heavy” in a way. After completing the full hour, I’m tired and ready for bed now haha. I’m already thinking I might have to reduce minds eye T² down to Q, I’ll see.


I just did this. I was running ME T2 every day at the top of my stack. Switched to alternating between Q and T2 every day.


That’s a neat idea, I wasn’t sure if mixing them is ok to do. I’ll try making Day B T² since it is a lighter day and lower Day A to regular. See how that goes. Thanks!


I did the same thing, trying to balance out day 1 and day 2 better. I can tell you that today felt MUCH smoother. I’d been having a headache for days and today is substantially less (it started back mildly either when my Terminus custom played or when my T2 custom played). Hope your changes help you as well :slight_smile:


So far so good! Didn’t experience any headaches or tiredness yesterday. Its actually giving me confidence that maybe I could add in one ultrasonic loop of FQ at night but I don’t want to rush into that, have been burned before from being too confident.

As for changes I noticed yesterday I had a sort of subtle inward happiness, I’m guessing it could be blue skies starting up.

Also I wish I could remember my dreams last night because they seemed to have a theme of logic vs faith and had some interesting revelations. It was like my mind was questioning everything, I’m guessing this was Quantum Limitless.

My Q is pretty dense so I’m not expecting things to happen quickly, so this is a great start to me.


Today was Day C and I choose Rebirth as my ultima. I find rebirth ultima has an effect that happens “in the background” so I don’t notice anything abnormal, but I know that it’ll help with processing, accepting and changing with the subliminal.

So far I feel like listening to my Q takes up less energy than listening to StarkQ, UA and Mind’s Eye separately. I’m guessing this is because they’re nicely integrated together with Q and because of mosaic.

I was pretty productive with my project today too and solved some technical problems. Also a funny synchronicity happened where someone was reading a number out loud and it was 333, first one I can think of that was read by someone else.


Libertine testing:

So the last two days I was testing out libertine ultima. I’m a person that is more to themselves and this one doesn’t gel with my custom or main goals as well as BL or Rebirth, so I don’t expect any quick results for this. I still wanted to just see how it works for a few times and then go back to my main plans. I aim to use this much later on when my goals shift though.

As for results, I most noticed and liked the inner feeling of confidence it gave me. Kind of like a peaceful pleasure in all things. It also made me go pretty hard in my workouts when combining with beast within and unleashed. I was maintaining eye contact better than usual too. The sexual energy can sometimes be too strong and distracting if you need to work though lol, but that’s the whole point in this one.

I think I also used libertine on Sunday (I’m not sure if I accidentally played Ultima A instead) and I noticed a little thing, I held a door for a woman and she seemed much more thankful than I would expect. Then she started humming as we were waiting in line. Seems like the aura stuff helps make people around you more cheery.

Main stuff:

So yesterday was Day A and today was B. I so far have been sticking with using only Minds Eye T² because I still haven’t become worn out from overuse. Since last night, I also added 1 ultrasonic loop of FQ as I fall asleep. That seemed to give me a bit trouble sleeping at night, but it wasn’t that big of a deal so far.

It was my first time trying Aura today and I was impressed with the physical sensations that it produced just 15 mins in, and it isn’t even an ultima title (yet?). I was feeling a sort of breeze around my hands and arms, slightly cool, it was a neat sensation as if the air was misty. I wonder if the effects were so pronounced because I listened to libertine this morning or maybe from Energetic dev IX in my custom? Whatever it is, I underestimated Aura and feel that I’d benefit to use it even more since it isn’t a heavy subliminal to play.

Negativity Displacer and Inner Voice may be starting it’s work on me too. I’ve been noticing some negative thoughts popping up and getting shut down before they can complete. They’d be like, “you’re such a–” and cut. So that’s nice, my own personal thought bouncer lol. I also was a bit calmer than usual under some situations today that would usually get me more worked up.

I think Serum X is going to work on me fast, I already mentioned how hard I’ve been able to go at the gym above. But I also have less fear of going too hard and having trouble recovering. I’m starting to feel like when I first started working out in my teens. Gonna start breaking some personal records soon! :grin:
I usually get bad pain the day after back day, so any changes there are going to be the ultimate test for me. Just the rekindled excitement to workout again because I feel like I’ll make good progress is great too.


Friday night I had a short lucid dream, this is the second one I experienced since using Dreams.

A while back, I read a post by someone on reddit that they told a dream character that they are in a dream and made a deal with them to tell them they’re dreaming in their future dreams. They said they had success and this character would reoccur in their dreams to help them become lucid. I thought that’s a neat idea, so I tried that quickly but I don’t think I had success, since the character wasn’t responding to me and I only had like 10 seconds before I woke up. They seemed like background characters that weren’t supposed to interact with me or something.

I was thinking what I did differently that may have triggered lucidity and I could think of 3 things. First is my use of my custom right before bed, second is my use of aura that day, lastly I started asking myself “Am I in a dream?” during the day. I’m terrible at asking that because I get too immersed in daily life that I forget to do it, but I think if I could start a routine of it, then I’ll have more success.

I didn’t play my custom Q last night as I was showing signs of overuse. I’m also tired today but mostly to blame is staying up to late. I didn’t get much headaches or back pain yesterday from recovering my workouts so I think Serum X and my new stretches / exercise are helping a lot in this regard. It’s such a relief to solve this problem.


Been gone from here for a bit, I usually like posting in the evenings but would get busy and need to sleep, so I saved it for the next day and that cycle continued. I also had less motivation to frequent the forums, I’m not sure if this is related to the subliminals. Maybe some time optimization?

So first most noticeable changes are how “charged up” the ultimas feel after incorporating Aura into my stack. I’m using BL the most now and I get quite a strong energetic effect around my head while I use it, I really enjoy the feeling.

Next is oddly physical changes. I’m much stronger at the gym and I checked the scale again and I weighed an extra 2 pounds since my post 10 days ago. This is the same scale, same time, so it’s likely to be more accurate. I believe I have less limiting beliefs in regards to fitness, possibly this is why it is working so well. I find it harder to believe in financial success unfortunately, so I have more work to do in that area.

The middle is the positive and healing modules. I’m feeling pretty great most of the time and am not experiencing much reconciliation apart from tiredness when doing a bit much. Sometimes I have the odd negative thought here and there but defiantly is an improvement. I feel I need a lot more time with the sub to let the ones like ARES settle in.

Motivation for work on my project is lacking right now, so I haven’t seen too much benefits of modules in those areas yet. My goals are shifting to what will be financial beneficial though and I have doubts that my project would make money. Because of that, the focus lately is on trading and making money through that way. I’m doing pretty good at it, but still lots more work needed in that area before it becomes an option that could pay the bills. Trading isn’t my passion though, so it’s not ideally what I want to be doing for a business.

That’s all for now, the changes feel smooth and natural, not like some internal war going on. This is probably what I like the most as it lets me enjoy the ride. Oh and the synchronicity has accelerated too, seeing many repeating numbers, not just limited to 1 and 4 either. Probalby most interesting one was while browsing reddit, two posts side by side had 555 upvotes each.


Once the ball is rolling and you start focusing on what you can do with the sub, there isn’t as much motivation to go on here. Of course, enjoying the results may be a factor, too :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s a good point, I have a confident feeling of having all I need for the most part after building this Q, a big contrast to all the research put in before choosing the Q haha.


Schedule 2.0

I think it’s time to up my use so I have made a new schedule. Main difference is Aura in more days and also playing an ultima each day. I’ve already been adding aura more times than my old schedule had. Same stuff as before too, still playing Beast within/unleashed, dreams as needed.

Later on, I plan to move aura at night and then use that free space to add in another loop of FractalQ during the day, but one step at a time. :slight_smile: I’m digging this cycling though and perhaps this is also contributing to less reconciliation.

Day A

  • Beyond Limitless Ultima 1X
  • FractalQ 1X
  • Minds Eye T^2 1X
  • Aura 1X


  • FractalQ Ultrasonic 1X

Day B

  • Rebirth Ultima 1X
  • FractalQ 1X
  • Minds Eye T^2 1X
  • Godlike Masculinity 2X (may switch to Aura)


  • FractalQ Ultrasonic 1X

Day C

  • Beyond Limitless Ultima 1X
  • FractalQ 1X
  • Aegis: Covid 1X
  • Aura 1X


  • FractalQ Ultrasonic 1X


So this week I still feel like the strongest is with the physical still, I’m really surprised how strong it is considering I only have Serum X and the sexiness physical shifting module. I find that currently my energy and I guess excitement is focused in this area, so it’s like the other areas are actually going slower than when I was on StarkQ.

I don’t have too much motivation for working on my project at the moment and I feel like I have a shorter attention span. I am doing more research on trading though and the market lately has been more exhausting than usual for me lol.

I’m not a great multitasker, so maybe that also holds true for multitasking manifestations? I feel like once I am more satisfied with the gym goals, then I will move on to other things and those new areas will accelerate. This isn’t really a complaint I’m making though, I’m really enjoying the gym and transformative changes.

I’ve been feeling some symptoms of overuse following the above schedule lately. Just a bit of tiredness that has been creeping up. I’m still going to stick with it some more. If it still causes more issue, I’ll lower minds eye to Q.

I’ve been remembering my dreams every night for a week now. I’m not sure what caused this. Some of the dreams are informative, but most are my mind just processing a movie or show I watched before bed. Last night’s was kind of funny where I was figuring out what project idea would be the most profitable, and I was actually visualizing the project in the dream. I haven’t had a dream like that before, it was the most useful one in a while.

That’s it for now, since I’m not logging in as often, my journaling has become more lazy. So I’m going to try to at least do a private journal in a word doc just so I can track things daily. Maybe I’ll paste anything interesting in here later too. I feel that this could also be contributing to why I’ve been slowing in other areas.


Was working out today and noticed one of the employees walking by as I was doing some sets and she was checking me out. Usually I would pretend to not notice or they would look away quick, but she smiles and I smile back. Lots of little things like that are starting to happen here and there. I am gaining more of an inner confidence and reflecting it outward too. People will hold doors for me even if I’m far away, sometimes even to the point making it a bit awkward. I forgot to mention the first time I played libertine ultima weeks back, I held a door for a lady as we are waiting in line and she was extremely thankful to an abnormally high level, and then was all humming as we were waiting, I was laughing to myself because I knew libertine was doing this.

This all comes down to having a vibe of importance now and I just feel great. I’m not critical about myself anymore either. Reminds me of the part of beast within where it says something like, “if you feel strong on the inside this will reflect outwards” and I really believe this now. I think Beyond Limitless Ultima is playing a big part in this too.

I was reading the new guidelines posted the other day and I realize that I might be overdoing it with mind’s eye T^2 so I’m going to lower those to Q. I also think that since my custom is Terminus level, I may be having trouble with some aspects in terms of motivation. So I plan to swap out one minds eye and replace it with StarkQ to get back some more of that conscious level motivation from Q.

Reconciliation is still so low, maybe non-existent even, that I wonder how this can be? The guide has helped me realize that I could be stonewalling instead of reconciling. The stonewalling is only in certain areas while others are doing very well though. If I still have issues there in the following weeks, I’ll look into making a new schedule that includes more alternating rest days like the guide recommends. But the other stuff is going so well that I don’t want to fiddle with it yet.

Had another lucid dream the other night, it was another short tail end moment but I was able to extend it longer by spinning around in the dream to ground me more. I think I will be able to go further with more practice. I’m getting better at asking myself “am I dreaming” during the day too. I’m really looking forward to the dreams ultima that is being worked on, hopefully playing two different ultimas in a day won’t be a problem.

Lots of new modules that I would love to get my hands on. Dream Traveler would be an obvious one if you know my journals lol, but Dynasty, Marketweaver, The Flow, Trailblazer, Stronger and Transcendental Connection would be great additions too. Making a 20 module title gets harder and harder…


I’m still getting lethargic, when I can sleep in, I’ll sleep for over 9 hours and when I have to wake up early, I’m pushing myself all day just to think. My motivation and strength at the gym has decreased too because of the lack of energy. So now I’m going to follow the alternating day guidelines and am going to drop all the extra subs for now, apart from ultima and the superchargers. Ultimta will play everyday day except on Sunday. I’m going to try two loops of FQ during the day and one loop at night. Today was my first time on this schedule. So hopefully I’ll notice a difference on this new schedule, if not, maybe I’ll reduce it to two loops.