Foxdie's (first: QLQ + AscensionQ) QL + Primal Seduction + Dragon Reborn


Hi everyone I decided to start my first stack with Quantum limitless Q and Ascension Q and record here my progress to have something written to compare my old self with the new one that is coming. I thought I’d put the Elixir Ultima in there too.
I am currently doing 2 loops of QL and 1 loop of Ascension.

For now I have done 8 days of QL ST1 and 3 of Ascension.

Some comments on past days:

Yesterday I was practically all day studying as if I had the motivation to finish what I had to do otherwise I would not have risen from my chair. Good thing.

I also had the desire to write to a girl on instagram but after two lines she never answered me again.:joy: This morning I went to see and she hadn’t even viewed. I felt a deep sadness. Disappointment or reconciliation?

How do you know if it is reconciliation?

For now, I will continue this journal and update my progress.

See you soon!


For me, reconciliation takes the form of social anxiety. That was the strongest of my issues when I was a boy and a teenager. I’ve never experienced any other form of reconciliation but I’ve experienced reconciliation thrice only.

What you experienced doesn’t look like reconciliation to me.




Recon can come in many shapes and forms. I suggest you don’t bother with it. Just go with a few loops to start, best stick to 1-2 for first week.

Exercise, drink water, meditate, live a balanced and good life and all good.

It’s very hard for me to say if you are experiencing reconciliation based on what you have written but it may be. Either way, take action, express those emotions in a healthy way, and keep going.

All the best.


- QL ST1 - Day 10
-AscensionQ - Day 5

Today I studied from late afternoon until evening because of some things to do for university. What I am noticing is the increasing motivation in study and to stay and do my work.

Another thing that I noted is that I have begun to step away from my best friend. I feeling like he’s taking me back and trying to exploit me.
I have this strange feeling toward him and it’s the first time.
Really strange.


I just want to share my story with you. It’s not alluding to your friend, I don’t know him. I had a “friend” once, we met when we were both four years old. We spent countless hours together; talking, playing football/video games, watching movies etc. At the age of 28 I discovered he was not a true friend of mine when he just left me as if I was a piece of shit, when I started having some personal problems. It was so easy to let our “friendship” go… I deemed him my best and, actually, the only friend for so many years. But when I was pondering on our “friendship” later on, I realized it was just me being blind and naive which he could use to his advantage and he did. That’s the way he was and probably still is. The point is, you have to be vigilant all the time and love without attachment.


Thank you for sharing your story and for the precious advices.

I know that guy from a lot of time and he is a good guy, but lately I only see him taking advantage of me in some way. Maybe is only an impression or it’s the sub?

By chance Ascension have some script to let you get away from toxic people, or for the searching of empowering people in your life?

I remember had some of this feeling toward other toxic people in my life when I was listening to Khan time ago.

Don’t know what to think


If your self esteem raises you see automatically where other are in life.
Ascension does the job perfectly


Whats happening is that you used to accept it before…now that you are running ascension its showing you what shit people do to do.
Now stand up and correct that

You shouldnt have stopped khan buddy…why did you?


What @pacman said, previously you did not see you were being misused by people, now that your status is raising you start to question why you took these actions for granted.


First and foremost because I was using it the wrong way until I stopped.
Second because It takes long of time to see results.
third I needed too to focus in my studies so I changed it with QL.
I needed something quick for now with single stage like Ascension, and as you all said to me is doing a great job.

In the future I’m planning to run Khan again but for now I will stick to Ascension + QL.

Thank you all


Today is a rest day from subs and what I feeling is anger. I don’t know why precisely but when I see or think about some people around me, especially my friend, the anger increase.

What I am feeling is that there is a lot of people from which I have to get distant. Plus I feeling a subtle need to get better in some way in certain aspects in my life, especially with women, and I don’t want to be inferior to anyone in what I want.


Any contact with women on a daily basis? Like going out to parties, dating, going on the hunt to city malls etc. Ascension contains that element which is responsible for improvement in that sphere of life. Just take action and help the alchemy take place.


An interesting pattern that seems to arise when someone is running Ascension; your status is rising, you are gaining a new sense of power and you become angry at everyone because of the way they externally treat you as it is not in alignment with your new sense of self.

This somewhat reconciliation and trust me it will fade over time.


I did Ascension for months, and I got pissed a bit around people who like to use others. I suddenly saw that, when before I was really passive and accepting of it.

And Ascension will push you stand up for yourself. You feel anger since Ascension is empowering you, and it’s saying “this shit doesn’t work for me. NO WAY!!” I found it shocking initially, but I grew into it.

But something that’s pulled on me is QL’s mention that you’ll begin seeing people’s manipulations. I believe it’s mentioned for Stage 4, but I wonder if it may be kicking in now. This caught my attention while reading your posts. I’ve been drawn towards QL for a while.


Haven’t had a chance lately due to the lockdown, but they’re letting people out so I’ll try for sure! But I doubt that events with gatherings will be made these days.


Take action when you have an opportunity to do so and you’ll see the alchemy at work. You may consider increasing the number of loops for Ascension too. If it’s still one it may be not enough to make it work at the level you want.


Yes I was planning to increase Ascension to 2 loops.:v:


Excellent move. I think you need more of that masculine power the sub offers. It will make you more grounded in your reality and it will definitely increase your sexual power and strengthen your sexual aura and confidence. Then you just need to go out there and watch the transmutation happens. Taking action is the basic element of transmutation unless you’re focused on internal changes but even though, it helps a lot. I remember myself struggling with reconciliation on StarkT, it was a kind of social anxiety. I had a problem to talk to people but once I did I felt the power of the sub.


Hey @FoxDie

What are your goal for this stack?


My goal is to get good grades at university and to get good with women and being more grounded, confident and dominant.