Fork In The Road

What do you do when you know what you want but life and circumstances seems to be pulling you in a different direction?

I will give you several cliche but hopefully useful answers :slight_smile:

Do you always go where life and circumstances pull you?

Depends on the specifies

I would guess you probably know the answer deep down
outside of any analysis.

Is what you want now more important than what you need that that direction in life may be pulling you for ?


that part.

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Hey @Azriel and @Malkuth thanks for your replies. After sleeping on it I can see maybe I already know the answer but maybe I don’t have to give up what I really want. Maybe I need to stop underestimating what subclub subs can do. The issue I had was that I thought I had to choose between my personal and professional lives because things are going to get stressful but now I don’t think it has to be either or :blush:


It was door number 3 and 5 !!
That’s awesome NewLease.:slight_smile:

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