For Ultrasonics


Should i get earbuds, headphones or a bluetooth neckband speaker? Leaning towards the neckband speaker as I am by myself mostly at work.


For ultras, @lowrider uses a neckband, I use headphones. Neckband is probably safer, but check with FrequenSee either way.


The ones I have right now didn’t have frequency specs listed. At least not online and I bought them long time ago so I don’t have the box. But they test out fine on frequency. As long as the volume is NOT turned up past 35db on the frequensee ap there is no static. But that’s way louder then you need especially when they are so close to your ears.

I bought a higher end one more expensive neckband speakers rated up to 20khz and with the highest volume absolutely nothing on frequensee lol. I returned them. It says they can handle it but there obviously is some cut off mechanism to not transmit over 16khz. I dunno

Here is the link to the one I’m using. I think they work great.

Sorry posted won’t link earlier


I can go 2 days on them without charging playing my whole shift. I work about 12hrs a day.


Nice thanks!


I’ve never even heard of neckband blue tooth head phones. These sound like the perfect combo for sublimnals especially ultrasonic. You can be out and about and have this around your neck while playing subs 24/7


Check these out. These ones are a lot better. I got these a few weeks ago. I can play Ultras on them at full volume with absolutely no distortion. The other ones I would get distortion.


Is the frequency respone listed or am I just not seeing it ?
I’m eyeing these for Black Friday to see if there’s any sale


They are probably fine but I wouldn’t use earbuds with ultrasonics. The ones I posted have external speakers and earbuds. I know some people use earbuds with Ultras but I get high pitch frequencies even on the lowest volume so I can’t do it.


I was thinking of getting the jbl or the one you mentioned or another for the blutooth speaker. Ill leave the speaker on my neck and play ultra sonic subs through it when im out and about. I dont really care for the earbuds


Did the jbl have speakers too? I know of one lg tone studio that has speakers on it as well but that’s around $200 and I don’t know if it supports Ultras or not.


Thant link i shared of the jbl bluetooth neck band has the frequency response. These have earbuds and speakers. Is the frequency response of 20hz to 20 khz the frequency of the earbuds and not the blutooth speakers on the neck ? These are currently 70 dollar’s