Floridaninja’s 3 custom ZP run

Happy New Year !!!

Hey Everyone

Hope you all are having great starts to your new year and doing good with you ZP journals and runs… This will be my new journal and I hope i will be able to keep better track of it and post more often then i normally have.

I am currently working on fleshing out my 2022 goals and my dreams i want to make happen. I haven’t really run much since ZP came out maybe Emperor, Mind’s Eye, and RICH here and there but nothing super consistent.

It has taken me awhile to really dig deep and pick subs to run since i have a diverse group of goals and i also enjoy different titles. I have also always wanted to have Emp and Stark ran together with them meshing amazingly which is why i have chosen those 2 plus the new Chosen sub sounds pretty awesome.

To anyone that reads this I like to experiment with my subs while testing things out there is a good chance i might skirt recommendations here and there. I might end up adding RICH and Minds Eye atleast once a week. I am hoping to run this stack till summer. I see a lot of people talk about doing multiple stacks every few months and while i used to do that with customs I really want to be able to pick something and run it lol. I feel like i am much better with consistency on subs now then i was last year… I havent even though of building a custom yet surprisingly tho once ZP customs are available you cna bet ill be the first person to own 1 or 2 lol.

I will either add more to this post or make a new post later on today…

Hope everyone has a wonderful day



Can you change the title to Floridaninja’s 3 custom ZP run

Hey Everyone

Hope you are all having amazing journeys and crazy, wicked, satisfying results.

I meant to journal but never got around to it… But starting this week I am going to get back on the horse and start journaling daily. I need to personally see my progress and what i need to improve upon during my journey… I think one of my biggest issues in life is that i have never been really consistent with anything unless it was meant to be a distraction for what i really need.

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To start this journal off right i will list the 3 customs i will be running over the next 2-3 months, I am leaning more towards 3 since i am listening to a healing custom.

I also will honestly not be following subclub patterns, i like to experiment with my listening but i am an experienced subclub and multiple sub user. I also don’t whine about seeing no results or complain about recon or any of that stuff lol.


Here is the sub i just ordered, I wanna say this will be my Wealth/Status Foundation sub. The goal of this sub is well honestly many things lol. I would love to get back into writing while being more productive in life. I also want to get my life on the right track with sleep, good habits, working out, making new friends, making way more money than i am currently making while discovering new wealth generating ideas.

I will list all my goals out later on.

1 Ascended Mogul Core
2 Stark Core
3 Faith Unyielding
4 Financial Success Reality Shifter
5 Furious Ascent
6 Inner Gasoline
7 Instant Business Tactician
8 Jupiter
9 Machine: Action
10 Mastermind
11 Natural Winner
12 Potentiator
13 Productivity Unleashed
14 Sacred Words
15 Sanctuary
16 Sultan
17 Transcedental Connection
18 Trailblazer
19 Tyrant
20 Ultimate Writer

My second sub is a Body & Sexual custom with some Alpha mixed in

1 Wanted Core
2 Spartan Core
3 Alpha of Alpha
4 APS: Arms
5 APS: Torso
6 Asclepius
7 Deep Sleep
8 Dominion
9 Energetic Development XI
10 Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
11 Extreme Exercise Motivation
12 Fusion Optimized
13 Health Codex
14 Mosaic
15 Pragya
16 Serum X
17 Sexual Manifestor
18 SPS: Endocrine System
19 Temptation
20 The Merger of Worlds

My final sub is my healing sub

1 Ecstasy of Gold ST1 Core
2 Khan Stage 1 Core
3 Ares
4 Atman
5 Attachment Destroyer
6 Carpe Diem Ascended
7 Divine Self-Image
9 Foundation
10 Gratitude Embodiment
11 Omnidimensional
12 Path of Forgiveness
13 Stop Porn and Masturbation
14 Unlimiter
15 Yggdrasil

Ok I lied lol 1 more custom that will be run once a week to support in visualizations and manifestations. This sub I would deem the Reality Destroyer and it is also in Terminus but i feel as if i might remake it in T2

1 Ascension Chamber Core
2 Mind’s Eye Core
3 Carpe Diem Ascended
4 Current Invoker
5 Direct Influencing Aura
6 Divine Will
7 Dominion
8 Fortune’s Favorite
9 Intuition Enhancer
10 Joie de Vivre
11 Jupiter
12 Khronos Key
13 Mosaic
14 Mountain Breaker
15 Omnidimensional
16 Positive Being Attractor – Wealth
17 The Architect
18 The Way of ROI
19 Tyrant
20 Yggdrasil

Your Wanted/Spartan custom looks awesome! I’ve been thinking about making a health-related custom and will be using yours as a reference. Looking forward to seeing your results. :muscle:


Hey Everyone

Hope you all are having a great start to June so far. I decided to make last week a wash out week so i could start fresh with my Stark + AM custom.

I started the Stark custom Friday night. I ran it for 5 mins then I ran my Wanted custom, then i was feeling good so i ran RICH after lol. All those for 5 mins and honestly Saturday morning besides sleeping a lot i felt great… besides feeling a bit sick but i think thats bc my sleep has been off and my appetite has been all over the place.

One thing i noticed Saturday and Sunday was that people were very friendly to me probably Stark doing its thing. And women were eyeing me up and down, stopping in their tracks to look at me lol.

I decided over the weekend that while i saw some good results from my healing custom i plan to put it on the back burner for now. I ran it for 2 weeks in May and while i know that isn’t the ideal time for running subs i feel it is better i put off the healing till i get deeper into my journey.

I currently feel as if i need to get a good foundation for my journey and while i think i am good with healing I might decide to start fresh with something like Ascension. Though my Stark/AM custom would be a nice baseline too, I am also considering halting my Wanted custom for a month or 2 so i can focus in on my foundation.


It’s a good idea, dude. Go for it!

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Hey Everyone

What is up? How are people doing with recon and just their lives?

I am in a state of recon i can feel it… not bad recon but annoying… but it could also be that i feel lost, it is almost like i don’t know what i want anymore and have no clue how to get things on the right track… i keep wanting to do all these things to get my life moving and have motivation and blah blah blah but i just don’t… it’s like i’m constantly fighting myself to move forward and every time im about to break through this wall in front of me i get distracted and boom my progress goes bye bye… i just feel stuck right now i guess…

I feel stuck but at the same time i have lots of things going in my favor but i have lost my drive and ambition. My vision of who i wanted to be has honestly ceased to exist lately. I can feel myself slowly starting to get out of this cycle i have been in but i am still fighting myself to gain control.

It is like i know exactly how to get out of it but when i try to move forward i keep falling back to my old habits.


At this point i am unsure of what i want to run, i know i want to run my stark and wanted customs but i am just unsure if they will help me get out of how i’m feeling right now. The alternative is to go back to just Ascension maybe add some limitless in there and spartan and run that for a few months and then go back to said customs.


I had a thought about making an ascension Custom. I missed my last two days at the gym after going consistently for 3 weeks. Ate a pizza, etc. Bleh Tomorrow Morning I plan to run Ascension to get back on track.

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Hey everyone

So yesterday was a mixed bag of shit going on lol. I started to write out the things i wanted to do and accomplish this year. I am still trying to decide on which subs i want to run lol, even with just wanting to accomplish a few things my brain is like hey this does this but oooo look this does this but you could also run this and get this out of the way, so thats where i am lol. I did run Stark and Wanted customs monday night. I noticed people were friendlier and more interested to talk to me, women were also friendlier with lots of staring eyeing me up and down. I didn’t really accomplish much if anything yesterday besides sleeping after work lol. I had a crappy chikfila for lunch and got it on the way home but barely ate it, and passed out right when i got home.

I ran ascension last night and passed out a bit after. I noticed i woke up feeling nice and refreshed without an alarm clock going off. I feel more productive today and i can sense things will start to improve the more i listen to Ascension. Last night i wanted to jerk it but had the thought that it was a waste so i hope i can continue you on this road to stopping that mostly, every once in awhile is fine but i was at the point where i would do it every day sometimes more than once but i’d feel bad after wards lol go figure.

I have been talking to this girl i talked to like 10 years ago. I realized that after a bit of time i get bored with women especially when i feel like it is either going nowhere or we are not on the same wave length. I wanted to enjoy talking to her but all she does is whine about why she doesn’t have this or that , she’s cute and has a good personality.The first night we talked we had some crazy sex convos but she tried to make me feel bad because she initiated the sex convo which i kinda laughed at. I was willing to work with her on certain things like how she is picky with food or that she isn’t in the best place and told her we can work on things together. But her lack of ability to give things a chance is a total turn off, she still lives at home with her mom and has no drive or desire to do better but somehow wants a new phone and to get a dog with me and all this but i guess she expects me to pay for everything, oh and she doesn’t drive lol. She like wakes up at noon and goes to sleep at 10-11pm … i cant do that lol i go to sleep at 1-2 am and am up at 6-7 am usually, i also need to fix my sleep like fall asleep at 11-12 and up at 5-6 would be a good goal to shoot for.

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I stopped working out last week but i have noticed my muscle seem a little bigger, i am gonna put that on my wanted custom lol. I also noticed that while i haven’t worked out in a week i have felt the urge to do so. I hope to workout tonight with maybe a new workout plan. I bought a workout program called Kinobody Movie Star Masterclass last week that i plan on following the next few months. I have heard great things about the program and have friends that used it in the past with great results. My biggest issue with it tho is the intermittent fasting and just getting used to the diet lol, i am a little curious if 3 days a week will be enough of a workout to get the body i want but i guess i will just have to see what happens.



Would Ascension and Stark mix well together?

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Another good question. Perhaps a support ticket.

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I think it will. You will become a more alpha Stark.


So I have decided to run ascension with Spartan and my stark custom …… there may be 2 customs in the works just bc I enjoy running them lol.

If I do make 2 new customs they will be ascension + GLM and Spartan + Emperor Fitness stage 1 or 2.

The goal is to get a good foundation over the next few months and then switch back to my other customs


I love my Wanted + Spartan custom but I feel as if I need to get that amazing ascension foundation beforehand to really see Wanted shine.

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Here is a custom build i am working on for Spartan… I wanted to make these customs rather light compared to the dense monstrosities i am used to running… I always see results regardless of how light or dense the sub is.

1 Spartan Core
2 Emperor Fitness Stage 2 Core
3 APS: Arms
4 APS: Torso
5 Deep Sleep
6 Energetic Development XI
7 Extreme Exercise Motivation
8 Fusion Optimized
9 Health Codex
10 Pragya
11 Serum X

How about Epigenetics and DNA modulation?