First Real Subliminal Journey


I remember a while back I tried ascension LITE, didn’t really notice any effects. Just shrugged the whole subliminal thing as scam, even pirated Emperor V2 from a torrent website and played around with it for like 2 days( I know it isn’t consistent enough for results). Well, for some reason I got dragged back into this site and decided to put some money on the line and purchase a program. I bought Emperor V3.

Methods of listening:
Got a few weeks off now so Im mainly working on my Mac at home. I plan on using the SET and forget method with a JBL speaker, blasting these fucking ultrasonic waves in my brain. Just gonna listen as much as possible, maybe experiment with ultrasonic or masked while I sleep if it doesn’t mess up my sleep.


  • More control over certain bad habits I have.
  • Go way harder in my workouts.
  • More focus on my businesses
  • Work on my new product launch for this summer.
  • Manifest more money I guess, since its in the script

Fuck it, if it doesn’t work in 30 days Im getting my money back. Lets get it


Day 1:

Listening method: Set and Forget on a JBL Speaker. Probably around 10-15 loops throughout the day. Not while asleep.

As of yet, no weird or vivid dreams. Nothing to be reported really.
I did workout as usual, same routine. I did however up the weights today, but I do it every friday, so nothing out of the ordinary.

Is there anything specific I should be looking for when running these subliminals? Really not sure what to write about.


You’re litterally one day in. :joy:
Emperor is a massive sub. It won’t manifest overnight. Give it a couple of weeks before you start wondering whether it’s working or not.


Right, but is there anything I should be looking for?
From what I’ve read the dreams are supposed to relate to the subs, correct?


Don’t look for anything. Run the sub and just be open to whatever might come to you in your daily life. If anything related to the sub’s goals happen, take note, and that’s all.


Day 2:
Same listening method.

Didn’t do much other than just market research on my computer/workout/run.

I had a very interesting dream however. There is this other brand that I guess I “compete” with in my field. Not as much as competition, we are in the same market, grew up together and this brand completely took off, even though their products are very average. I wouldn’t say I’m jealous of the person, but I guess I feel some type of way since I consider my products to be way better in every way and my brand has been pretty stagnant for a few different reasons that Im still breaking down.
Well, I cant fully recall the dream, but I remember seeing this “Competitor’s” brand EVERYWHERE, and that really irked me. Like I said, I don’t fully remember everything in the dream but found that part to be very interesting.
Im gonna stop smoking weed for a few days to maximize these dreams.


Day 3:
Same listening method ( going to try listening to masked while asleep tonight)

Had a crazy dream in which a black lady was squeezing my balls HARD and fully disrespecting me LMAO. Weird, I’ve hardly experienced disrespect on that level in my life. Nothing out of the ordinary. I did stop smoking weed for a few days so my dreams have been very intense lately. Gonna try listening to the masked version of the sub tonight while I sleep