First ever subliminal usage. Jumped in deep end EMPEROR



I found subliminal club just a few days ago after researching how to clean up the subconsciouss as my years of meditation have left me with a very tranquil and happy mind, but…

None of my deep rooted negative belief patterns pertaining to money and abundance where tackled whatsoever.

Fast forward to yesterday, I looked at the various subs available and EMPEROR stuck out to me as being an all rounder which ticked all the boxes.

So yesterday I bought at and did 5 hours during the day. I have a etsy business selling retro video games which doesn’t make much money at all. All of a sudden I decided to sell sneakers and instead of using etsy make my own website.

Within the space of about 3 hours I have pretty much a half made website and today I worked more on it. I think it can be live and making money within another week which is outstanding for me as I’m usually hesitant to pull the trigger on paying for stuff. I had to pay for he domain name, web hosting, email and all the trimmings which set me back out 50gpb.

Not once did I think “nah do in a few weeks when you got more money” like I usually would.

So last night I listened to another 8 hours straight in my sleep. Then started more work on the website whilst getting in 5 more hours then BOOM

Like a freight train I was smacked with massive EXHAUSTION and had to turn the sub off to try grounding myself again.

That was a few hours ago and Im back to normal now, maybe I’ve over done it a little or it could be simply I’m new to this and my brain can’t handle it yet.

Anyway just thought I would keep a journal here to keep track of my progress.