First Emperor impression. Patreon or tip jar?



I tried Emperor for two days. I’ve to say, as a subliminal newbie, the immediate effect was quite fascinating. Procrastination was just gone. Just like that. I’ve a couple of weekly tasks I push always as far back as possible, not this time. Not even looked for an alternative, just did it.

My other question: Is there a tip jar or Patreon for Subliminal Club?

Given that a stack will hardly contain more than 3-4 subs & one will be using them for a couple of months, it would be nice to support SubClub somehow in the meantime.


Hahahah —

No tip necessary. If Emperor helps you live your best life, we’re happy. :wink:


@SaintSovereign what module of Emperor is for eliminating procrastination? I don’t want to run the full Emperor but just the part for anti-procrastination. I’m currently running Primal and don’t want to water it down with some other major sub.

Would it be Mogul, Ascension, Limitless or something else? I’m currently procrastinating a lot and need to be more productive.


I doubt it’s an individual module. The entire program is geared toward ending procrastination and having you take action on your dreams.

Note that procrastination is often the result of fear, or simply needing guidance on how to begin. There are easy, practical strategies to combat it. For example, as a writer, I often get “writer’s block,” which is basically a fear of having nothing to say.

To combat it, I simply start writing. It can be anything – just a journal of what’s going on outside. The thoughts in my head. Whatever. I write and write and every single time, I end up having a breakthrough. You can’t get it perfect the first time, so just do it.


yes, I’ve already tried different way to end procrastination but I’ve failed :slightly_frowning_face:

are there any other subs beside Emperor geared towards anti-procrastination? Emperor is not what I’m looking for right now. Mogul, Ascension, Limitless?


Yes, there’s anti-procrastination scripting throughout all three, especially Limitless. It’s all about what you need right now.


Maybe procrastination is too broad.

The above-mentioned weekly task is unpacking an trailer full of books on my own (around 3-5000 books every time). Not really hard or a fear thing, it’s just annoying. Bad for the back, boring, repetetive work with a couple too many stairs.

But the grumpiness & the following procrastination just weren’t there. Just emptied the trailer and could’ve carried on.


Lol — it’s still the same concept. Start with moving 10 books a day. Make that commitment and watch how it snowballs.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a title that specifically addresses that. Maybe Ascension.


I have to agree. I have been running Emperor by itself for the last week or so and I was already at the point where sitting around doing nothing wasn’t an option but Emperor has solidified it.