First custom journal


Hallo this is my journal of my custom subliminal.
That’s my stack.
Ascension q
Daredevil q
Inner Circle q
Emperor’s Voice
Natural Winner
Joie de Vivre
Love Without Attachment
Transcendental Connection
Gratitude Embodiment
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Carpe Diem Ascended
Male Enhancement
Submodel Alpha

I choose maybe 50 modules at first and then I used a pendulum with the intention to finde the modules that benefits me in the long run.
I will update daily - so I can see the progress
Let’s start


How come you moved forward with Ascension, Daredevil & Inner Circle instead of Khan?


I used a pendulum to choose and it didn’t react to KhanQ.
So far I am into 40 min of my custom subliminal and it feels very natural.
Normally I feel the energy/change rising but with this I feel it’s already integrated into my being
I am a fan of this custom subliminal


What was funny is that I wanted to build the custom subliminal with:
-Survival instinct and House of Medici but it turn out completely different after I asked myself :witch modules benefits me the best for the long run?


What a coincidence, I used a similar approach and I had to drop Stark for Ascension as well. With our conscious minds limited at 5% of our consciousness, why would we even make a conscious decision?

Your Custom seems very well oriented if you ask me; Daredevil, Ascension and Inner Circle flow very well together. Good luck.

Perhaps sometime in the future, your unconscious will guide you back to Khan.


Wow what for a difference
I feel
Proud and happy of my achievements in the past/now/future

Very social-I just talk to people
My self worth is rising-I am enough and valuable for myself and everyone I am in contact with
A easy flow with people
I like to make my relationships better and better
I Enjoy life and to be here
I am in the now
I feel happynes rising
I am worthwhile of AL de delights in life


4th loop today.
I feel in one moment when I saw a girl that my life has no meaning. I did take my time and reevaluate this state. I askd myself: how my life become meaning?
The answer was : look how much intresting stuff you learned and continue to walk an very interesting path( I helpt my best friend to build his Ayahuasca retreat, I learned how to change states inside myself solidly, I can see an sense other people’s energy and in tensions, I go to Mexico to learn with the bufo alvarius…
The list is long…
So I came to the conclusion that I am very valuable because I can teach/show the people a way how they’re life improves beyond theyr imagination.
Then I realize that I am allredy living am meaning full live, in search of more meaning and value.
The I felt I am unsure about myself and bitchslapt that feeling out of myself, it’s just a joke. I am here and very good Man with beautiful in tensions.
Then I had a phase where I start to feel inner strength is rising as well self-esteem, witch gave me the first resistance. So I askd myself :what do I need to hear so I can allow to grow a strong and healthy self-esteem?
This sentence I repeated in a way as if my parents said that to me at the earliest age of my life, just once and:BOOOMMM
I feel and hear myself saying: I like/love to give/have good feelings about myself… That’s my way.
Tomorrow I make an update


Day 2
4 loops so far.
Heavy stuff is coming up
On moment I had the feeling of depression very hard and then cold inside my heart until I couldn’t feel anything for 40 minutes.
Then I asked myself : what is the cause of this unhealthy state?
I heard this answer: you don’t like/love your self and others.
So I did a little work until I feel love for myself and others and then some real heavy traumatic shit is coming up. To the point I startet to scream and wanted to leaf my body and go out of this expirience. Simultan to this state heavy self pity arises.
Lucky for me I am a pretty strong motherfucker so I started to call this shitty states to come to the surface and then cast them out of me.

Boy o boy Ascension Q as a custom is powerfull for me.
Thank you Subliminalclub for that.

Now I feel very relaxt like the ocean is floating in sunlight after the Storm.


Little update on my second day.
I think it works like this:
Subliminal input - positive information enters the system and gives a good feeling first, then it clashes with my current state( unconscious and consciousness) and weed out all the garbage until I reached the stage where the subliminal input is accepted as new reality and starting point.
Is this correct?


Reconciliation is a little bit different from resistance.

What you describe seems to be really agressive “clash”. I would call that resistance

The information from the subliminals are more questionning your SubQ to provoke change. The rwconciliation is not the process of the mind “resisting” the input. It’s a manifestation of your mind adapting to the subliminal, the subliminal only guides your growth in a certain direction, your mind does the growth.

It still requires work from your subconsious. Have you ever had a so profound changing experience in your life that you could not sleep? Yep, pretty sure we could describe it as reconciliation, which is your mind growing.


Thank You for your words White Tiger


Day 3
Today I sense that this custom is just the right thing.
After yesterday’s storm I have this beautiful feeling that all is going well with my life.
I sense a strong feeling of internal change
I am so in the now, normally my mind goes in so many directions. Thank you subliminalclub for that. I have very warm sensation in my penis from male Enhancement. Thank you subliminalclub. There is a slowly growing feeling of happynes to be alive. Thank you subliminalclub. I enjoy the things I do and my achievements. Thank you subliminalclub.

I started to smile at people and really appreciate to talk with anybody. It’s a very pleasant experience. Thank you subliminalclub

It feels like daredevil is kicking in


Day 4
Its morning and I stood up with the feeling: today is going to be a good day. - never had that until now.
That’s interesting.
More updates later


Day 4
Today after 4 loops my head is under pressure and I am tired.
The good thing is I feel the subliminals are working in my head, Like little light beams jumping around.
Tomorrow I will limit it to 1-2loops
Ps: stop Premature Ejaculation works like a charm. Thanks for that subliminalclub


Day 5
1loop so far.
Today I feel very relaxed more than usual
I am happy to connect with people and if I don’t control the conversation I start to attribute to the relationship more and more in ways I never ever thought is possible. In a way that flows naturally.
Only afterwards I realize what I did.
That’s great it makes me believe that the subliminals are working better than ever with every day
Now I see the Fruits growing


Day 6
1 loop
Today I feel my brain is very active inside. I just relax and lisen to the sub in the hamoc. Feels like a flow of information is flushing in.
Its a beautiful state.
Many changes happen over the last 5 days and they felt very natural.
Great sub and fantastic work Subliminalclub did


You build a great custom there! Good luck and interested to see how it goes for you :slight_smile:


Day 7
2 loops
Its to mutch I need a break my brain feels like a cake after 25 min in the oven.
Can somebody give advice from experience??
I don’t feel tired just rapidly expanding and the feeling of my whole being is upgrading and expanding, like a shift into a new reality.
Should I stop or proceed?


Take a break. Reading through this journal it’s hard to tell whether you took any days off.


I didn’t take a day off until now.
Thank you subliminalUser