Few Questions about the subliminals


I have a few questions about the subliminals. Are they gender specific? If I listen to the sex mastery, mogul or emperor sub in the presence of a female, will it affect her ? Can I use the subliminals in the presence of an infant? Can you specify which subs are gender specific and which are not , if any?


Yes, it most certainly will affect her in SOME manner. While the subliminals don’t really mention a gender, Emperor, Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Sex & Seduction were made for men and addresses male issues. We’ve finished a script for women — MONARCH — but it’ll be awhile before it’s done.

Please do NOT listen in the vicinity of infants.

Sex Mastery X, Muay Thai Mastery X, Gaming Mastery X, Mogul and Limitless can be enjoyed by everyone.


First time poster, looking to get Dreams…is Dreams gender-neutral?


Yes, it is.


Thanks! Grazie.