Female exposed to primal


What effect might the subliminal primal have on my wife if I was running it on ultrasonic in her presence? Would love to run it on ultrasonic at night using a speaker because I am sick of using sleep phones but I don’t want it to negatively affect her. Does the script kind of turn off or not work for females or will it have effects? Also doing 2 loops of rebirth but I can only imagine that would do something good for her so it’s not much concern, only concern is primal because it’s for males. [Mod Edit: Removed potentially offensive language.]


I imagine the worst that can happen it might relax her sexual inhibitions :slight_smile:.


Oh yeah, well if that’s the worst thing that could happen then it should be OK!


I would not recommend exposing your wife to Primal, especially without consent. Not sure how it would affect her, but it’s designed to affect male sexuality.


OK thanks man. I feared it might do something negative. I will stick with the headphones.