"Feeling " something upon listening


I have been wondering - how come some people report bodily sensations (feel “energy”, “warmth”, “bones shaking”, “bliss”, “smoothness”) while others don’t when listening to subliminals? I hardly feel anything in my body when I listen to the subliminals . Not to say they are not working for me - probably very very slowly but they are. However, does it mean it is not executing properly for me?


Following. I am one of those people who don’t feel anything.

Depending on the subliminal, I think the most objective way to determine if it’s executing properly is to see what happens in the real world.

If you’re using Spartan as a powerlifter: what do your numbers look like? how is your recovery?

If you’re using Limitless as a student: how well are you able to remember what you’ve studied in the last hour?


It depends of sensitivity. Do “body scanning” for a few month and you will definitely feel the difference.

I feel the effect of each subliminal in my body. Moreover, it changes. Sometimes sub feel like subtle feeling in my chest, heart area and sometimes as overall complex feeling.

Bonus: How can you say that the girl you are on date is on to you? Feel it in you own body! Girl can say that she is not so attracted to me and I don’t need fancy NLP calibration (which are good, indeed) to know is it true or not: my body signals me with body sensations.



How do I do this body scanning?


Nope, it means you’re different than I am.

My unconscious knows that giving me feedback with bodily sensations is best way to communicate with me.

For example, the thing we call intuition (which is unconscious communication) can come in different forms - feeling in body, images in your head, hearing ‘extra’ things in your mind and even smells and tastes. Mine knows - give feelings. This is best understood.

Next is - I have actually done mindfulness exercises to notice my body, as we, as men, have really detached ourselves from our bodies. We’ve trained to reduce that response and clarity for our whole lives.

So, when listening to subs, I can feel something like flooding of energy. Sometimes it’s very subtle, sometimes it’s stronger. But it’s a feedback that something’s happening from my unconscious, that’s for sure.


Lay down at night in the bed. Start feeling your legs, fingers on legs, above and above, feel you overall feeling in the body. This along will boost your intuition and awareness. And adding Subliminal Clubs subs (not advertising :)) will add huge benefits.


I recall running primal seduction for the first time whilst in bed. There was a tingling sensation running all around my body it was the first sub I ever experienced this with.