Feel like I'm loosing my Quantum Limitless powers


So I’ve been on ST1 up to ST4 of QL, every stage has been played for one month. Last month I’ve only listened to ST4 and everything was really good - I felt smarter, more focused and thinking became clearer and faster. Few days ago I started feeling like I’m afraid of losing the powers I gained with QL and everything started to collapse (I’m exaggerating but that’s how it sometimes feel). I’m overthinking the text I read, I need more time to understand what I’m reading, I’m overthinking and analysing negative sentences and I’m always “remembering” that I’m afraid of losing my “powers” and then I lose my focus on a subject and need to re-read it.

What do you think is the reason for that? maybe I went too fast? maybe a month for a stage wasn’t enough for me?

I think I’ll go over ST1 again since it was the main “game-changer” for me and that’s the sub that made the most difference and influenced me the most. Even though ST4 should include ST1 as well, but maybe it’s too complicated or overwhelming for my brain and thus it loses its “gains”. Also, when I was listening to ST2 I didn’t feel the healing power that I felt with ST1 and I even felt a bit speedy and not concentrated.

Maybe I should mix ST1 with another sub that I’m not aware of?



This is textbook reconciliation.

Keep running ST4 for a few more days (even run a few more loops if you can handle it) and if that doesn’t work, try going through the entire program again, starting with ST1. Might need to clear out some emotional trauma that’s arising from ST4’s intensive nature.


Already started ST1 over again. Felt it is the right thing to do. What do you mean by reconciliation?


Fire once said to me “You feeling a need for another breakdown is a good sign that you should follow.”


I absolutely love this, and it’s now being quoted.

I’ll remember this when I go through of the subs that have a breakdown section.



How long did it take for you to notice the effects of stage 1?


A week or so. But later in the month it was even stronger. The effect was very smooth - like a slow healing effect.


Oh nice! I’ve been on stage 1 for about 2 months now, but unfortunately haven’t notice much as of yet. I might have a lot of “blockages” in my system due to growing up with a lot of trauma and such. Hopefully, I can catch up to you soon.


Try moving ahead to the next stage, and make sure you’re actively studying a subject of interest or working toward a particular productivity goal.


Thanks. I’ll try out stage 2 starting tomorrow. I was sticking with stage 1 because I’m more than sure I have A LOT of damage in my brain due to my childhood that was plagued with depression, abuse, and lots of trauma. So I was planning on running stage 1 for at least 3 months. But I’ll see what stage 2 will offer if you believe I should.


Yes, ultimately, do what’s best for you. Sometimes, though, you have to “jump start” the process by switching things up a bit.


I see, thanks so much for the feedback! One more question, Would there be an issue if I ran stage 1 and 2 together? So, I would be first running QL 1 for about 4-5 hours and then QL 2 for the other 4-5 hours. And then, run Regeneration throughout the night. Would that be too much? My stack is currently just Regeneration + QL stage 1


@SaintSovereign I’m still having that weird feeling… it won’t leave.
I’ve tried a week or so with ST1, and a week with ST4. But the feeling described above is still there. What would you suggest then?
Thanks again :slight_smile:


I suggest you stop stage 4 and focus on running just stage 1 for 30 days.


What he said ^^^^