Feedback Requested. Will EOG St 1 help resolve this?

As I have mentioned in many previous posts as well as in personal conversations that I struggle with various forms of FOMO and envy. I feel that this plus my fear of failure is what is the most likely the cause of me having issues sticking to a stack for any recommended period of time. That said I did update my journal with information about the stack I am going to fight myself to stick with.

Most if not all of my envy or FOMO comes from not emotionally and sometimes intellectually as to how people I know and am around daily or frequently are able to afford to be able to buy things or do things I am currently unable to at this time while always complaining about how broke they are? Honestly it’s not so much as to why they or anyone else is able to do something I can’t as much as it is not wanting to have this question going through my mind at all ever if that makes sense?


Comes down to issues of confidence.
Not the “fake it until you make it” bullshit kind.

The kind that comes from stacking wins.
Set out to do something, and do it.

That exercises and strengthens your Will.
The more you do what you say you’re going to do, the more capable you realize you are.

In your case, that’d be picking a stack and sticking with it for a cycle.

In my case, it’s the same really.

Brb. Gonna go follow my own advice.


Hey JCast, I believe it will.

Before stage 1, I used to feel anxiety, lethargy and general tiredness when I said the word “money” or “wealth” to my self (that’s an excellent exercise to do btw to gauge your relationship with money).

Now after 2 cycles of EoG1, I feel a mild excitement and happiness and most of all, freedom.

I believe it could do something similar for you. You can gauge how well it is working by saying the word “money” to yourself and seeing what emotions come up and whether they are negative or positive.

As you progress with the first stage of the sub, you may notice that you feel better as you say “money” to yourself until one day, it will start feeling good.

The envious feelings stem from a lack of the feeling of abundance which I also had, which I believe has been largely eradicated.

Hope this helps.


Personally i’d ditch the idea of EoG and stick with just Index/Genesis, even i start getting FOMO if i stack 3 titles because it feels like i’m getting such little exposure to them.

Don’t get trapped in the loop of thinking you need to heal before you can grow, Genesis contains all the wealth scripting you’ll need