Favorite guided meditations?


Hellow fellow SC brothers and sisters!

I’m wondering if you ever use guided meditations… and if you do, which ones are your favorites?

I’ve tried headspace - like it, but I really loved the guided releases by Julien Blanc (in his Transformation Master course).

Any favorite guided meditations, particularly for releasing tensions and stuff like that?

Much appreciated,

Have a good one!


Hypnotica’s Sphinx of the Imagination is nice.



Lately I’ve been using subclub superchargers as guided meditations. In the past I’ve really enjoyed the Soulvana app


These are an interesting concept, though I have not extensively used these to see what effects they might bring.


I guess I always wonder about the boundary between guided meditation and hypnosis.


I find myself recommending him a lot these days, but Joe Dispenza’s You Are The Placebo meditations is awesome.


Thank you for the recommendations.

Got myself the sphinx of imagination and will try DiSpenza too.

I love DiSpenza’s interview on Impact Theory - amazing thinker.


Guided meditation is hypnosis. The difference is the connotations people have with the two words. Guided meditation sounds like fun and exploration. Hypnosis sounds like mind control. Hypnotists are aware choosing the right words.

Hypnosis begins before even starting the session. The choice of calling it a “guided meditation” is already part of the induction.

To contribute something on topic:
My favorite “guided meditation” was the “beliefs unlimited tape” by John C. Lilly - you listen - your beliefs about what is possible changes - your mind opens up and you explore the world from a whole new perspective.

Currently, I am using my voice for recording guided meditations. When you hear something in your voice, change appears quickly.

If you want to release tension, I recommend Yoga Nidra or TRE (Trauma/Tension Release Exercise). One is available as guided meditation, the other is a simple body exercise modality you can take courses in.