Fast Money Stack


What is the best stack for fast changes geared towards making money? Ive been doing emperor for 2 months but not listening as much as i should. should i stick with it and listen more and be patient, or is there a better way?


Depends on the mechanism of manifestation. If you’re trying to build a business, stay on Emperor, listen more and take action toward building a business. If you wanna excel in your job, try Ascended Mogul. You can still build a business on AscMogul, but Emperor is a much more potent tool.


Can EoG help with my job? I am in a family business and trying to help my dad build it back up.


Yes. Be careful not to take over though. :wink:


Hey @SaintSovereign. Just curious. I’m in a “day job” that I want to eventually get out of and into my own business. My results have been lackluster. I’ve read in another thread that Emperor may be too much at first, and if AscMogul seems the way to go as mentioned in your comment here, would it be bad to purchase Emperor and AscMogul both and stack them alternating in a loop?

Would AscMogul help ease me into Emperor, or could combining them “too early” cause issues?