Fast money manifest

Have an existing channel just want to generate as many customers and income for a short period, thinking of only one or two cycles.
Is RICH or the new recent money title better and to just use conscious guidence towards the goal?

Since i read some posts of people saying they were manifesting quickly on new title.


I sports gamble and when I’m running rich I seem to be doing a lot better. every time my cycle is over or I take rich out I don’t do as well. I think with whatever stack you end up running rich has got to be in there for sure


Try RICH if you have another title with wealth experience in your stack.

RICH still works, even without the new experience


Im on dr4, dont want to mix more just 1 money sub for the cycle not sure which is better manifestor of fast money

try RICH, you will not be disappointed.

im not sure due to older scripting might not be as beneficial as the new title with all their updates in scripting

RICH performed very good before all those updates, now, after updates has been released, it will do its work not good enough?

i mean in comparison to the new title, as people reported that they manifest even faster in comments, so that confused me a bit on optimal choice.

you may try any other NWE titles, but they are not focused on pure money manifesting as RICH, so it will take time to realize money manifestation scripting.

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u are right i will get RICH

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when is RICH getting the NWE update? In terms of percentage, by your estimate how much will that update improve it?

i can’t even imagine since I have no access to backstages of founders. the only thing i know is the update will boost money manifestation even more due to how New Wealth Experience works.

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Is RICH current tech zp v2 and going to get zp v2 max in near future? Since it says just zp in product page tho would be strange if they skipped upgrading this one by now when there was a zpv2 wave

Run Genesis Mogul

Its too broad need specific manifest money quick results from a open channel

Do you know if all titles will get the new learning experience update?

Genesis Mogul does.