Face Morphing Technology and Serum X


Saint by accident leaked some classified project names one was I believe Serum X another was I believe the upcoming facial morphing technology. Which I believe morphs your face and body. Not clear what he is referring to when he says said serum X.

However he did hint towards Spartan evolving into a serum x project.

What are your thoughts on such products ?


I am excited :ok_man:


Do you honestly believe Saint does anything by accident? He started running Limitless when it still came on vinyl and cassette tape (look it up, kids). He’s waaaaay too smart for us common people, even during reconciliation. We just can’t see his master plan until it is too late. :wink:

Okay people, tell us what you’ve got!


Digital Liposuction would sound good


Serum… X…



Well that being said we need to recruit members who are happy to test "Serum X"ahead of time. I suggest king, whitetiger, blacksheep, hermit and friday and myself to begin with.


forever young module


@joefso i suggested a product called “Forever Young” to SC

@SaintSovereign if you plan to test such a module feel free to pm me and I can undergo testing for you.


Guys, there will be no testing for Q store modules. It’ll be live soon enough.


@SaintSovereign - am guessing that even after the Q Store is released along with the modules you made for the release, you will still create new modules as time goes on.


Yes, that’s the plan. There’s currently 112 modules, though – more than enough to build your dream sub.


My goodness! We will definitely be spoilt for choice.


when is the Q store scheduled to be released?


End of May / early June. I’m actually preparing to spend the entire day working on it.


How many testers of the PE module with amazing results ? We are curious!


@SaintSovereign can you share more on serum x and face morphing ?


I’m beyond excited :sob::sob::sob:


I have a name for the PE module: Biggus Dickus


Wow, that brings back memories…


I am ordering the penis and face morphing module Q straight away when the store comes online.

@raphael what are you planning on ordering ?