External Power in Power Can Corrupt


In the description of the subliminal, it says:

While our other alpha titles focuses on internal power, Power Can Corrupt will help you cultivate your external power and influence.

What does this mean exactly? Internal power vs external power?


Internal power: Power within your own kingdom. No one can knock you off your center. Like a gyroscope. When the world turns upside down, you recalibrate and keep going. Internal power is, in essence, consummate discipline. Makes all possible.

External power: The capacity to influence others. Success in negotiations, warfare, combat. At its best, benevolent dominion and philanthropic leadership. At its worst, manipulativeness and domination.


I assume the later is when you actively take actions in order to affect people but i will wait others to respond


Inner power - mental strength, self-esteem, confidence, discipline.

Outer power - status, dominance, advanced social and dating skills, negotiation and persuasion (manipulation).

However, Inner Power can definitely have an affect on the outer, if you give of an aura of somebody who respect themselves, others adjust to your view of yourself. I’d call that Outer (passive) Power.

Outer (active) power is the ability to influence others, either through persuasion, good chatting skills, manipulation or to be crude, physical dominance and intimidation.

Like inner and outer game, inner being reinforcing your self confidence and learning what attracts women, outer game being the practical skills used with others.


Don’t the other alpha subs do that?


Yes they do. But PCC gives you a specific roadmap of outer power.

Power Can Corrupt from what I’ve read seems to treat outer power as a more active stance.

Rather than looking and sounding intimidating, letting somebody know (especially a narcissist) that you also can play their same manipulation game will protect you from being used.

A personal example: I worked at a very prestigious location at a lowly position. I had angered a customer (not hard to do considering these brutes) by taking his near empty drink. He swore at me. He got a replacement drink by the bar manager who knew how to placate the customer by being boisterous and speaking his language.

I didn’t have outer power, but the bar manager guy did. He knew how to talk on his level and got the customer laughing and being friendly, because on some level he balanced his inner alpha dominance with outer power skills.

Outer power.


I guess the simplest way to understand this is “Inner Game” vs “Outer Game”,
in the context of teams, office politics, social networks, etc.

Below are some reference points.

The definition of Internal Power from Ascension salespage:

On External Power from Power Can Corrupt salespage:

From the Introduction of the 48 Laws Book:


Once you have internal power external will come natutally


Michel went from struggling with assertiveness to being the expert on PCC in one day. The Force is strong in DarkPhilosopher’s Marketing Engine™. And PCC. :wink:

Now if only DarkPhilosopher’s platforming skills were as strong, he would have completed Jedi: Fallen Order before giving up in frustration on the second planet he visited to watch the YT Let’s Play instead. Saved him a great deal of valuable time though.


@DarkPhilosopher you’re joking of course, but you were absolutely spot on with the selection of Power. It works supremely fast.


I got PCC along with Ascension and Regeneration. Can’t wait to see how il react to it. Especially PCC. You guys got any good stories from it?


I don’t know if I mentioned it above (I’m a bit stretched for time right now), but in the first week after listening (this was before Q), I negotiated one store to send me a free product and another to give me a discount.

Haven’t listened to it for a while as I was testing subs exclusively, but people are definitely getting fast results with this one. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility™.