Experiencing out of body experiences when listening to subs



First of all I would like to wish everyone a prosperous 2020 ! :slight_smile:.

On two occasions one with Emperor V4 and Rebirth after 4 loops I experienced “out of body”. What I mean by that is I felt like I was leaving my body and floating up towards the ceiling. The first time it happened I got scared the second time it happened it was comfortable for me.

Anyone else had any out of body experiences ? using subs.


I am not sure if I had the exact same experience but I definitely had occasions where I felt like floating.
My guess: It is the the same effect like TM. And actually, the same is happening. There is something being said in the background over and over and you dont follow what is being said, nor do you interpret it. The rythm of it detaches you from your body.


@blackadder best wishes to you as well for 2020. I experienced the same sensation you described while listening to Primal Seduction, the masked track, towards the end of the track. It was different than anything I had experienced before.