Experiences on Deep Sleep Module


I would like to hear everyone’s experience with this module.


I think it’s helped improve my sleep. However, I still have difficulties with sleep at times. Improvement, yes. Complete resolution of issue as of right now, no.


Thank for your input. I’m thinking about putting in my custom.


I have added Deep Sleep module before in a custom sub, and can contrast it against the experiences of running other customs without it in.

With the deep sleep module included in a custom, sleep quality improves in the sense that I find it is easier to fall asleep initially, and I am less likely to wake up and then not be able to fall back to sleep. It has the effect of allowing the mind to quieten when your head hits the pillow.

I had a custom with Stark as the main module that didn’t have it included, and I’ve now included it in the v2 of that custom - so I think it’s worth including. Better sleep = more energy = better execution of subs.

It helps to listen to the subs earlier in the day if you can too, so your listening and processing can largely take place before you go to sleep. That’s been my experience anyway.


I’ve had it in a custom for around 10 days now.

Sleep has improved slowly the last few days.

Otherwise, Paragon is really effective when it comes to putting you to sleep, even though I don’t think the sub is supossed to be used that way.