Experienced Members - A Few Questions


Greetings dear ones,

I’m new here. I’ve been using subliminal’s for quiet a long time, although I’ve never came across something as professionally and profound as the ones being offered by Subliminal Club. If anyone is interested into any topics of bio-hacking, personal development and spirituality you can always come to me. I’m experienced in the field and I most often have an answer on ninety procent of your questions. All I am asking in return as favor to answer some questions of mine.

It seems like most of us here are entrepreneurs with a busy life and we all want to save on our time. I think in minutes and the more I can save the better. So here I am writing this topic regarding some question, anyone that feels qualified to answer them, please do.

So my first question is one, probably asked by many. Which program should I go for?
Regarding this question I’m interested in wealth, brainpower, some self esteem and becoming that Alpha. and a little attractiveness seems fine for me. I was thinking about getting “Ascension Mogul” and stacking it with “Beyond limitless” and “Limitless” until I came across “Emperor”. It seems that this subliminal program has both Ascension Mogul and Limitless incorporated inside it at the same total price, unless I am mistaking somewhere?

I’ve read some of the forums and saw a new program coming out in the future. If emperor has Ascension Mogul and Limitless inside of it I am willing to get it and later when this new “Quantum Limitless” program comes out stack those two. How does this look for my current needs?

So my second question goes like this. I wear my headphones almost 12/7 during the day. Can I use the ultrasonic on my headphones even though it is suggested not to? I don’t really like any masked audios, I would like to play the subliminal’s 24/7 on the background while still being able to listen my own audios throughout the day. I use different kinds of binaural beats, isochronic tones, monaural tones and frequency tones to generate a state of consciousness to keep my performance for the task at hand at optimal performance. As well as balancing my chakra’s, elevating my energy, connecting with my higher self and super consciousness to pull information from the Akashic records and so on.

For me, a masked audio would need to be on a very low volume so I can optimally make use of my other audios. Now my next question is will this decrease the accuracy and performance of my subliminal’s? Same goes for the ultrasonic’s if I were to put them on a low volume.

Now i’m going to end this topic with one last question. When on my laptop can I run multiple different subliminal programs at the same time? Or perhaps run multiple of the same subliminal programs to increase progress rate. For example emperor and limitless with different audio players at the same time or 3x times emperor with different audio programs. I would think this would increase my subliminal progress and make the effects showcase themselves faster. Let me know what you think, this might be valuable for you as well.

I would like to thank everyone helping me solving these questions in advance. Please do let me know if you need anymore information to answer my questions accurately.

Best regard,
Hermit the generalist.


From my experience Ascended Mogul definitely shows faster results, Emperor is slower but the results are more… profound and… it feels like they are a natural consequence of the person you become.
I agree, the descriptions are somewhat confusing because the expected results sound so similar.

I know of someone who does this, I think it is DarkPhilosopher. He may know better than me.

Listening to your favorite music while lestining to the programs may actually produce better results, since the music alters your mood and the emotions you feel let it sink deeper.
I might be wrong

There is again someone who did this, I forgot his name, but he basically said it was too intense so he stopped doing it. Although what he did is he ran one subliminal on 2x speed and another one on normal speed, if I remember correctly.


I can say from experience that Emperor and Khan both meet your needs. That being said, you should consider on thing. Emperor WILL make you more of a loner, you will need nobody else and you WILL treasure your own company (I know this sounds odd, but it does still help with the opposite sex, alot). Khan will make you want to be more sociable, and constantly stimulated by being out and about (even if that is going to the pub or hanging with friends). With both i feel the strong need to succeed, however with emperor i was much less tolerant of the negative behavior of others, that is why I was completely being ok by myself. The subs definitely affect each person differently, however these 2 aspects seem to be pretty constant according to journals i have read on here combined with my own experience. On to your other questions, I have thought about running ultras with headphones. My belief is, be careful and pay attention to the way your ears respond, and keep it low, if you decide to do this. I personally have not, so I will stop there. About music. I have read very positive things on here about running with music, I have not done this, so I will stop there on that subject. I will say, if im not mistaken, i believe i read on this forum that at some point, they are thinking about making it possible to choose your own masking, i could be mistaken. Finally i have personally tried to do multiple subs at the same time, and at different speeds. I have found better results with just listening at normal speed, and just listening to one or stack multiple subs. The speed and listening to different subs at the same time didnt seem to work as good. I hope this helps!!

PS: i am interested to hear more about bio hacking and the use of different beats and tones, perhaps you could make a thread about it?


I’ve used Musicolet to play ultrasonics under music or podcasts or whatever it is I am listening to, both through in ear monitors and through speakers… I figure if I have a comfortable volume with my music or podcast, the ultrasonic is not going to be too loud, unless the audible content is at a fairly low volume and I find myself putting the volume really high. Ideally I am going for significantly less than maximum volume on my phone’s volume.


Indeed, I have realized Ascended Mogul gives faster results although emperor works on way more of my needs and also has Ascended Mogul inside of it. So I was thinking of speed the subliminal up indeed. I’m wondering if I can run emperor in two or three players on my laptop at the same time and at a higher speed will give my increases results?


I would but there’s so much I can say about it… if anyone would have a specific question, shoot.


Can I stack emperor with ascended mogul for increased results?


I do it sometimes when I need the productivity-thrill of AM


But it will not interfere with the Emperor program itself, will it?


No, all the programs are created in a way they complement each other like pieces of a puzzle


So stacking them, however you want is without a problem?


Yes, I think so


What volume should these be listened to for working effective. I should say it doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to consciously here the sound, both masked and ultrasonic to take on the suggestions. This way is one hundred procent bypasses the critical conscious mind and it flows directly into the subconscious. Although I would like to here it from someone that has been using these for quiet a while, just to make sure.


As from what I have read so far, they seem to be more… intense when you listen to them on a loud volume. But I have no experience regarding this. Just be careful with the ultrasonics. They can be really nasty