Existential Dread


I’m curious as to the best subliminal for an ongoing existential crisis. I’m leaning towards Ecstasy of Gold Q because of the description on the sales page. Specifically because of stage two. Thoughts?


I would think Sanguine is good for that


If it’s specifically existential, I’d go for Alchemist. Kind of exactly what it was built for.


How exactly is the existential dread manifesting?

Is there something that triggers it, makes it worse/better?


Is this because of your current stack? @jcast


@friday I have severe ADHD along with anxiety and depression. It could be my depression triggered it but I’ve been this way for a long time.


@Michel That I don’t know to be honest



It’s clear that you’re on task and on mission right now. Which is its own type of awesome.

How about on the fun and enjoyment front? What at this point in your life would you find to be fun?