Executive Vesper - Stark Black + Genesis: Mogul + Manifesto QTKS


Specter ZPV2 Max

Stark Core
Index Gate: Ultimate Programmer Core
Legacy of Spartan Core
Power Talk
IQ Booster
Lifeblood Fable
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Direct Influencing Aura
Fortune’s Favourite
Void of Creation
AI Whisperer
Reading Mastery
Job Seeker
Productivity Unleashed
King Radiance


Let the journey of NWE and ZPV2 Max begin. Where I began and where I will continue succeeding :sunglasses:



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A Clue?

Wonderful testimony @Vesper :facepunch:

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This new edit of my already good custom has been working greatly so far. Small results so far I’ve noticed that are different compared to before:

  • More well written emails and messages (Ultimate writer type skills?)
  • Ask a lot more questions and a better listener which is huge considering my previous effects on Stark (Although this could be due to the supplements I take in the morning)
  • Faster reading and more understanding when I read
  • Able to turn what I read into unique messages to send to people or use it in conversations
  • Better sleep? @ouroboros two consecutive days of 80%+ considering two days before it was under 50% almost everyday.

I’d say more just a mix of conscious action & intention + the fact that you listened to HOM, learned how good it felt, and have continued to do so.

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Considering my current position I’ve noticed that I’ve achieved the effect I need with GLM: The Co and anything more would be too much dominance and in preparation for NFTW I want to improve my sleep while traveling again.

Stack is now:

  • Specter ZP
  • Nouveau RICH till NFTW happens
  • Paragon Sleep (TBD) but I think I’m going for that

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4 days.


“Jarvis play No Time To Die by Billie Ellish”


Just curious, how many minutes are you using for each sub?

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15 minutes for each always.


Fame Aura from Stark has been kicking it like never before after the new change in my life. That + having direct influencing Aura in my Stark custom has created the most persuasive influential custom I’ve ever made. It’s a bit surprising at first to be honest I don’t have to say it, I just think about it (conscious guidance?) and things happen exactly as I wanted them to happen or something happens that I didn’t of but relates to Starks objective (subconscious guidance?). Stark + Direct Influencing Aura has to be the best combo I’ve ever seen not just in my case but would be great for anyone in sales, leadership, business owner or anything where you have to be social and influence people. It’s kind of like having this superpower that no one knows about but affects everyone and only you know what happens when you use it and when you do let’s just say good surprising things happen.


@Azriel and @ouroboros and anyone else in sales. If you guys ever use the Stark + Direct Influencing Aura just be ready and use it responsibility because your persuasion skills and closing will increase by a lot and not even because the product is great but because your so persuasive that they buy because of you and not what your offering. Hard to explain, not in sales anymore but seeing how it’s been affecting people around me when I started using it I can definitely see this because the case in sales as well. Haven’t tried it for sales so may or may not work well for you guys but worth a try in the future.


Finally, Paragon Sleep aims to enhance all the processes that happen during sleep. This includes your recovery from working out, committing information to memory and of course possibly improving your ability to reconcile subliminal input (remember, this is a deeply individual process – some of your reconciliation might need more time).

Paragon Sleep improves health so this would be perfect to stack with Stark now and after when NFTW comes out.

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If you’re focusing on advancing your career, Genesis: Mogul acts as a catalyst for professional development. It sharpens your understanding of industry trends, financial dynamics, and organizational growth, making you an invaluable asset to any team or project.

Stark custom + Genesis: Mogul :sunglasses:

  • Leverage the Power of Networking: Utilize the title’s emphasis on cultivating a network of high-value, influential individuals. Actively seek out and engage with mentors, peers, and professionals who align with your financial and success goals. Remember, the quality of your network can be a major determinant in your journey towards wealth and success. Attend networking events, join relevant online forums, and participate in community groups to expand your connections.

This will tip has been something I’ve been constantly preaching and using in my personal life. It’s only going to get better and better with Genesis: Mogul in the stack. Let’s make some magic happen.

Have something exciting to experience tomorrow which Genesis: Mogul will in nicely for this. That experience just proves how networking with high value individuals completely changes your life and allows you to indulge in experience most only dream of. See you tomorrow :sunglasses: