Excalibur Journal

I customized more than three core in the past! And I think it will continue to operate in the future. Wanted is included, so it will be operated secretly.

I think I’ve listened to it about 150 times so far.

First of all, I added cores similar to the way I work, and it operates smoothly.

The problem I have recently is that I haven’t started working yet, so I don’t have much money.

I named my custom Excalibur. There is only one Excalibur, so I will use this custom for the rest of my life.

What’s a little disappointing is that there are no aggressive modules and raise the ranking. If I go back to the past, I think it will be composed mainly of emperors.

So I’m continuing to look into what I can do or do business if possible.

And, my treatment outside is 10/10 male, but my family has only 3 or 4 points and does not treat me well.

I want to make money within this year and leave the house and become independent.

What’s a little disappointing is that there are no aggressive modules and raise the ranking. If I go back to the past, I think it will be composed mainly of emperors.

Looking at Friday’s journal, I saw that writing a diary and diary had a similar effect as acting. In the future, I will keep a diary and diary.

I recently saw various videos and materials about Wanted’s mystery.

Wanted instills curiosity in the other person to know me more.Wanted is a secret person who gives the other person a lot of curiosity and makes them go crazy.

I wonder what tips you need to operate one custom for a long time.

First of all, after about two weeks, I feel bored and keep trying different stacks.


It’s called reconciliation. Have gone through this myself and ended up changing stacks too much. The best results came though when I stuck a long time with a particular title or stack (usually maximum 2 titles)

Your custom name matches your name alright, @KingArthur. Good luck and let us forum members know if we can help


Would you mind posting your custom?


Haha,this stack would probably melt my brain but best of luck to you

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Thank you. I also added fortune’s favorite to prevent the brain from melting. Ha ha.

Fortunes favorite?Isnt that for luck.Thought pragya and mosaic would be closer for that :rofl:


I forgot about “pragya”. I hope my brain is safe. One day, if the journal stops, my brain will…

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Medici is really effective in political power. I used my political power in various situations with my family. In the past, I would have been very angry or annoyed, but I was a little angry and talked little, but I achieved the situation I wanted.

And whether Medici’s family module is exerting its power, the family buys new things. And my sister got good results on the test, and I think it’s because of Medici, and I wonder how that will help me. This is because my family usually nags about why I don’t do anything, even if they do well because of me.

Cars, desks, furniture, etc.

What I don’t like right now is that I’m extremely introverted.

I do it when I talk a lot, but I don’t when I don’t. And I think the voice is quite small.

I’m not sure if I’m introverted because there’s rm, godlike masculinity, and wanted.

I ordered a solution custom that includes Inncer circle and Power can collect, but I’ll try it when it comes. If I like it, I think I’ll change it to that custom.

There is nothing that improves productivity or status greatly in the ongoing customization.Looking at it, there are often times when I just sleep all day or feel lazy. It may be tiring because of the energy concentration of wanted.

I think there are too many interests right now. When I read newspapers, I read almost all articles in all fields.

Books also explore mysterious things by reading books in all fields.


I listened to the loop so much that the reconciliation was severe for several days. It is wash out, and the effect is being executed and integrated.

In the future, I will run the loop again after what I’m running in my head completely disappears.

It’s been two weeks since the 1 loop 2 day continued. There are no reconciliation(few), and blooming steadily. I always changed the product because I felt like there was no sudden change after about two weeks, but this time I will continue.

Welcome @KingArthur. (Hail and well met?)

4 major cores in a custom is heavy. So, it’s a good idea to give your custom more time to pick up momentum.

Commit to 3-4 months. An initial commitment.

Make a kind of contract with your mind: Okay, I know you’ve got this. I’ll let you take care of it. I’ll be back in 3.5 months (say, end of December). We can touch base then and see how things are going.

In that time, shift your focus from the subliminal to action and your projects. Try, as much as possible, to be more excited about your projects than you are about the subliminal. Get busy with real life.

When you do think about the subliminal, just feel a sense of happiness about all of the good things you know your mind is cooking up for you.

And then get back to your life.


Day 21

The progress is going smoothly.

Negative emotions, bad behavior, and habits are all disappearing and positive lifestyles are being formed.

Recently, many people have shown obsession with me. The good thing is that people care about me even if I don’t have to approach them, and the bad thing is that even people who don’t want to show such obsession. It seems necessary to learn how to approach and talk to people.

Usually, I live in college and enjoy hobbies such as reading books or dancing.

I think my various relationships are deepening and producing various results.

I got two drinks my friend(they gift for me)yesterday.

The more you meet people outside and do activities, the more positive results stand out.

My charm is that I can always meet a 10/10woman. The current lover also has 10/10, is deeply involved with her (in progress for several years), and is planning to get married.

When I go outside, people look at me like a medieval lord or celebrity. Surprise often occurs.

My personality is entp, but I don’t think I’m active.

There are many cores, so it took a little time to adapt. From the second week, it gradually began to show effect, and after the third week, all I have left is to get on track and rise indefinitely.

I’m busy studying all day and spending a productive day.

At this rate, I think we will create and operate a good business that will be more than a millionaire in a few months. Maybe it will be achieved within this year. The opinion I have in custom is to continue to use it for as long as possible and engage in active activities (self-development or social activities). To be honest, most custom helps us all enjoy the best life by using it steadily due to the tremendous technology of the subliminal club. There are many cores and modules in custom, but they are very similar to my original life, and they are full of things that complement my weaknesses, and they can create synergy with each other, so it seems to work well.

I’m looking forward to my life in the future life in the future. Perhaps I will use this custom throughout my life.

As my level increases, I often have thoughts that seem insignificant to the general public. In a little while, I think I’ll only get along with the people I want (upper class, celebrity).

I’ve never used a public more than 32 days so far, and I’m looking forward to what will happen after 33 days!

I had a lot of trauma in the past (the wrong product I used before): it lasted for years. It’s not a subliminal product, it’s a different product.) It’s breaking down the trauma of that time quite a lot.

Not only my recent trauma but also many bad memories from birth are being shattered.

All cores are showing an appropriate rise.

As mentioned above, I am being reborn due to dr. Often, I think about what I would do if I were to be reborn, take off all my obsession and trauma about the past, and think about how to benefit my life the most.

Even though I haven’t started my business yet, I think I’ll think about what to do with various brands or when I enter the store and look closely at all aspects of the brand.

Recently, I haven’t been making money, and if I start activities, businesses, etc., I will gain huge wealth and make many improvements at a tremendously fast pace.

Recently, the way of thinking has changed more aggressively and behaviorally. After doing anything, I realize that everything can be recovered and developed. Whether it’s talking to strangers or doing new studies, activities, or productive activities are all similar.

To be honest, when I used this custom, I spent about two weeks in pain at home with tremendously reduced motivation (too many cores), but now I’m used to it and I’m motivated to go outside to show my activities and productivity and show my skills and abilities.

My girlfriend had a hard time with me during the adaptation period, and now I’m used to it and it’s really good to make her happier and happier.

It lasted only three weeks consistently, but it was a really long time. Everyday felt like a year. I gained a lot of enlightenment and contemplation in the middle, but it was not very noticeable with my activities. But now we’re showing the results through activities.

The common scripts in all custom seem to be somewhat felt and helpful.

Finally, if you want to see big results, keep going consistently and participate in various activities!
I’ll live hard in reality again, so I’ll come back when I’m 3 or 6 months old. Thank you.

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I’m thinking about ways to make money from the Internet business.

Long live the King!

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i will proceed with customization that has been used for a long time. It’s an Excalibur that makes it easier to adapt to reality.

  1. QL St4 Q Core

  2. Artist Q Core

  3. Stark Q core

  4. soul connection

  5. lion iv

  6. joie de vivre

  7. transcendental connection

  8. Charisma & Flirting automatic mentor/improve

  9. Story teller

  10. song of joy

  11. Approacability aura

  12. Financial success reality shifter

  13. epigenetics and dna modulator

As soon as I use it, I feel that my learning ability has increased significantly. (I think I’ve used this custom for about three months so far.)