Error on Website

When attempting to browse to the Q customs the following error comes up


Please could the appropriate support team look at this ?

Many thanks

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Tagging @RVconsultant and @AnswerGroup

Got the same error from Germany.

I get an error in the main store. Q store browsing is working.

I just bought and downloaded Sanguine from the mainstore. So that’s working for me.

@TheGreenMan are you logged in? I can browse through the modules as well, but logging in isn’t working.

I can’t login to the Q store since yesterday

Same here

Error pops up immediately. I see nothing but the database error page.

Now I get the error on both pages.

Same here

Yes there is an issue here too. Have notified Fire and Saint.


It’s really frusturating cuz I want to order a custom :slight_smile:

god is blueballing you hahaha


Gathering the money for the wealth custom was not easy.

Patience everyone.


I personally believe my complaint and whining won’t change how fast the website gets fixed, since IMO saint and fire don’t operate like that. That’s why I’m their loyal customer.
But I’m frustrated and I am to blame for that. Not anyone else.

Dont worry SC will have it fixed soon

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You will get your super fine custom buddy

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The sites seems to be up and running again.


It’s just very high amounts of traffic due to SYNERGY, Limitless and QTKS releases, and yesterday we sent out an email.

And we only need one thread about site outages, everyone.


@Leandros thanks
Thanks @SaintSovereign

Agree @SaintSovereign these young ones always get stressed when their favourite websites, smartphones or social media websites are down. I appeal for calm members of the community.

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