EoG Stage 1 vs Khan Stage 1


What is the real difference between the 2 subs?

Does breakdown target all negative programming and beliefs? Or only those pertaining to women, sex, and being an alpha?

But if breakdown targets all of those and wealth does that make it superior to Ecstasy of Freedom?


This is from the original thread:

EOG ST1 will be better for removing negative programming regarding money and wealth.
Khan ST1 is about an overall healing, where money is also included. It’s not the main focus, though.


You may use Total Breakdown for healing of Emperor-style goals, like online income streams.

K1 can handle Mogul-level issues, but not G4 level’s.

I’ll just leave these quotes here to tell the difference in my opinion between Mogul and Gold:


I remember many users asking if the breakdowns were the same. The answer was something along the lines of each breakdown removing the obstacles that prevent the sub from reaching its goals. There’s likely some overlap though.