EOG Stage 1 50 days Result


So the results of this are not gonna be very positive to be honest. Course this is more than likely cause of my fears and such. Here we go. 2 Driving Tickets 4 days ago, Mom got fired and unemployment revoked illegally, sheer negativity and negativity me self talk worse so, lack of fucks in the best and worst ways, started work after the pay period so it’ll be about 2 more weeks before I get paid, realizations and coming to terms moments, sheer fucking hatred I’ve suppresed about life and people. Those were the negatives; I will now move on to the positives. Got a part time job after long term of unemployement (shit job but it’s a start), Met a lawyer who has connections and contacting people to see who wants me to do their emails. Taking more action I guess I wanna call it. Again this is a Breakdown about money and such so it’s working, but holy fuck. Also the amount of listening per day has been 12-20 hours a day