EoG ST4 + Khan ST4?


Hey you,
I have been lurking these forums for a while without engaging… …until now.

I have been wondering but not yet seen the question being asked, or answered anyways.

Could you eventually run EoG ST4 + Khan ST4? (Simultaneously).

Let me clarify:
Let’s say I take appropriate time for both programs isolated from each other,
like EoG for “enough” time, then start with Khan and either run EoG ST4 alongside it.
Or only Khan until ST4 and then adding EoG ST4?



I recommend you do this. Each program separately before joining the ST4’s.

Or this. First Khan until ST4, the start EoG ST1 alongside it and go on until you have both ST4’s.

Start one program, give your mind enough time to get completely used to it before adding something new. When you do add something new, make sure to still get enough exposure to the new one every day. Because the more you add to your stack, the less time each item on your stack gets.


Most of the cross program experiments have been with various stages (ie mixing ST2 and ST4 of two separate programs etc.) The route you’re suggesting hasn’t been methodically done yet. That was my plan for 2020 though. Going in the order of Alchemist > QL >Khan > EoG


I did something similar with khan and eog for a brief time. I didnt have any bad side effects


Why did you stop ?


because i need other subs more than khan


No eog why did you stop that ??


In the name of subliminal science i guess you could give it a go but it may overwhelm you. So best just start with one.


That makes good sense my friend.

Thank you for the input!


Is your plan to eventually make stacks of those four ST4’s?

That sounds hardcore and it makes me really curious how that would play out,
if it’s not too much of a burden on the brain.

Very interesting…


Someone has to be the first amirite??

I might just take that bullet…


That’s the plan :grin:


I’m currently on Khan & EoG ST4 and Alchemist ST2. Then again, I barely get any progression, so my mind may very be giving me the finger until I give it something lighter.

Neuro has all year to go through the progression, so I expect better results.


I am curious how you approached those.

Did you go Khan stage by stage reaching ST4,
THEN starting EoG building it up the same stage by stage along side Khan etc etc?

Also, how far in did you get before your mind gave you the finger? So to speak


I spoke of it several times, including my infrequently (but in bad need of) updated journal. I wanted to start in January with something, so I considered doing Khan first and then EoG. But I didn’t have 8 months left in 2019, so I figured I’d do them together as an experiment. I’m one of those people that doesn’t like being told what they can’t do, while believing my mind is better than everybody else. So I figured I’d run them together as an experiment and get serious about it in January.

Stage 1 made me hyper-active and lethargic at the end, stage 2 made me hyper-sexual and angry at the end. Somewhere around then someone told me I should run Alchemist instead, but I didn’t feel like stopping would be a good idea.

During stage 3 I stopped making any noticeable progress, even felt like I was right back at the point before I started. I figured I could add Alchemist into the grand experiment. I started thinking about the deeper meaning of everything and became interested in everything spiritual.

I feel like I am at the verge of some great epiphany brought on by Khan & EoG, but there may be a steel door in the way since I’m not getting through. Had this feeling for almost a month now. I switched to masked only to see if it makes a difference.

So my recommendation stands. Do them one at a time, so that you can give them the attention they need and clearly document which changes were brought on by which subliminal. As long as you are still experiencing effects, don’t add anything new.

And if you should run them together, only do so at the same time you switch stages. There is some scripting present to signal you when it is time to move on. With me, at the end of stage 1 I got lethargic and at the end of stage 2 I got angry at everything and everybody, but after I added Alchemist in mid-stage, I never got a signal when it was time to move to stage 3. So I ran it for 2 months to be sure.