EOG ST3: Lets See


So got home and about to sleep while running ST3 Ultrasonic of EOG. Once again 30 days and will post the happenings and stuff here.


Okay so past couple days have been iffy. So I found a mentor who I honestly teaches everything I need to be successful. However that’s like $2000 I need before this week ends. I’ve been working with another mentor and he’s been patient with me. As for money coming in it’s nada like I’m on top of things, but barely. Although I’ve just been more positive it’s starting to fluctuate but I’m handling things way better than before. Also had been receiving little things here and there. Right now I’m looking for ways to get a business loan or at least a organization that helps veterans for entrepreneurship and honestly basic necessities. I mean if y’all got advice on how to find someone who’ll take a chance on me I’d appreciate it.


What’s your update brother?


If you can afford it maybe try using the Inner Circle subliminal. Otherwise, tap your network. Start talking to anybody and everybody you know, ask them if they know anyone who knows a lot about the things you’re trying to learn and ask for an introduction.


Okay so after today ends and I go to bed onto ST4. So the result of what I’ve gone through haven’t been exactly stellar to be honest. I’ve had some opportunities to be mentored, but unfortunately they have been super high cost. It’s been irritating and I do have very small wins as a positive, but they could’ve been better. Consistent small pay and like $30, but it’s better than nothing. Although since this is a multistage sub and it builds onto the other stages I guess it ain’t so bad. Also I plan on getting Power can corrupt and the attracting mentors and friends sub.


Ya know what I did have one big win from this, but it sorta is half and half for EOG. So I was out late at Randall’s and met a chick that was working on her site. At first it was just about working on her copy for her site, but it’s me so I upped the ante. Next thing ya know I have a hot business oriented girlfriend. So that’s a big win and women come easier to me than money interestingly enough.


Are you trying to take action actively woth st3?


Did eog st3 give you a lot of drive to make money ?