EOG ST2: Learning Phase


So I’m done with Khan ST1 and did a journal about EOG ST1 for 60 days. So now ima start ST2 for 60 days.


Okay so I’ve been doing about 18-24 hours a day thanks to the Audioshare app. (FUCKING LOVE IT!) So what I’ve been doing is just going back to ground zero on a couple of things. Magick, Copywriting, Negotiating and got approved for 2 lines of credit. Once again I’m going for 41 more days because this is top priority for me. Also I have been able to handle the listening load so it’s been good.


How was st1 for you? Did feel more motivated than usual?


ST1 has its pain points, but it was worth it. Luckily things are getting progressively better, but still got stuff to do.


Well I’ve decided ima just do a full 30 days for this instead of 60. I think I’ll be good for ST3 next week.


Okay so after today I’m moving to ST3. So here are the results: I’ve been focusing on a specific skill set more along with the sub skills, found a mentor who is invested in me, revisiting past books and videos that are more relevant to me. Along with money specifics in Magick and Law of Attraction realms. Also I’ve been learning to approach things from multiple angles in both business and Magick. I guess one downside or upside is I’ve been working less, but I’ve had more time to learn. The money’s been somewhat consistent and enough to enjoy myself a bit and still have bills covered. Now because of this I’ve had to start on a new foundation, but I feel ill be more efficent and effective cause of it. I have a feeling ST3 is gonna be fun as well.