EOG Questions and Open To Suggestions


Okay so I gotta ask a couple things since I bought it. 1. How long should I stay with ST1 of EOG? 2. Should I lay off of Emperor and Ascended Mogul while using it? 3. Using ST4 on Ultrasonic a good idea? 4. Any suggestions per chance?

  1. As long as feels right. If you don’t usually get such clear feelings, aim for at least a month. Why not read the Khan journals on the forum to see how long other people ran Stage 1?
  2. Probably, it seems like a really big workload running 2 major programs and a multi-stage together. And Khan serves a similar purpose as the other two.
  3. Why would it not? Unless you mean you intend to skip 1-3 and go straight to 4. Otherwise, it’s just like any ultrasonic. Masked or ultrasonic, whatever works for you. If you meant something different, please clarify.
  4. I don’t know you well enough, so the best tip I can give you is to go slow, don’t burn through the stages to get to the finish line.