EOG and Khan or Just EOG


Which should I buy? My goal is just purely money, but if I should clear blockages would it help to have both?


EOG is pure about money and wealth so its the ideal choice imo


Do you have an experience with “big” subliminals?


Is it wrong of me that the idea of unloading two major multi-stage subs into my head simultaneously really turns me on? :smile:

Talk about discovering ones limits. How much can my subconscious process before it tells me that enough is enough?

There’s is one consideration though. Khan contains entrepreneurship (who invented that word?!) as part of its empire building. EoG is pretty much about only that. In a way, EoG will emphasize and go deeply into that part of Khan, while still retaining the alpha male and sex parts of Khan. Then again, it could be that when you put them together the money/business parts become so powerful that the rest of Khan doesn’t stand a chance of being effective.


Good idea… how about you try it and see?


Sure, let me be the guinea pig. If you don’t hear from me in two weeks, call my emergency contact. :wink:

Just to be totally clear, that was a joke.