Envisage Classic Roots, T-Z Custom


Soon to commence…

T-Z Custom:

  • Mind’s Eye Q Core
  • Limitless Core
  • Dream Traveler
  • Intuition Enhancer
  • Inner Voice
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Jupiter
  • Limit Destroyer
  • Omnidimensional
  • Pragya
  • The Merger of Worlds
  • Wayfinder
  • Yggdrasil
  • Submodel Alpha
  • Spiritual Reality Alignment
  • DEUS
  • Mosaic
  • Potentiator
  • Chosen of Venus
  • Transcendental Connection

Will be using PSITU and BLU when and If I feel inspired.

Anywho, thought I’d create a new journal despite not being an expert journalist through choice. I will just write in here whenever I feel like it and whenever I just want to put random words next to each other, to form random sentences.


The amount of Subliminal Club’s custom orders being processed, must be this thick


Because my “1 day guaranteed” on the 5th, didn’t do shit.


So I got my custom and I am half-way through my first loop and I feel happy with my choice. I have been writing new goals and I intend to use this sub for the long long term. I have stopped all Ultimas now and I intend to focus on this only.



You’re going to be profoundly happy with this Custom, I assure you because mine is similar and it is beyond everything I’ve ever experienced before. @Upwards, best of luck!


Day 5 of T-Z

I have been listening to 2 loops a day for the last 4 days and today and tonight I decided I will have no subliminal input as I have been feeling some reconciliation. I will continue 2 loops on Thursday and Friday and then have Sat/Sun as rest days. I have felt okay, it is mainly just today that I was like " Yeah I am feeling some reconciliation", just giving it some time to ‘get used’ this new sub and get my bearings with it to sort of speak. I am happy with continuing 2 loops, but I am looking forward to my night off, as I know to take a rest day helps a lot and is important.

I have been starting some ‘learning’ habits’ and been getting into the groove of that. I have also been visualising at least morning and night, some times my experience of visualising is more immersive than others. I want to just keep working it and aiming to make each experience more immersive as best as I can.

I have also been working out at home this week (I said I would to myself if there ever was another lockdown, as I didn’t last time). I have decided to make working out just a lifestyle, so pretty much working with whatever I got in response to whatever is going on. In an ideal world, I would just have all my own strength training equipment at my home and then I would never set foot in a gym in this country again. But during this lockdown, bodyweight circuit training will have to do. I am thinking differently about it and just seeing it as a new opportunity to get good at something different. I have also been doing intermitted fasting since before Xmas. I have tried it earlier in 2020 but stopped it after a couple of weeks, but then I was doing the 20/4 and lost a shit load of weight including muscle, so I was put off it. But I have been just doing the 16/8 and I am happy with this and it has now become a habit. I like that it feels like now I eat to live rather than live to eat. I am not really eating for in any particular way, I am doing my best to eat healthier over time, but I am not being OCD about it.

My desires have been expanding, there is a lot of things I want to experience and do in this world, and I have been implementing them in my visuals to live at the end of having them already. If anything I enjoy doing my best experiencing them in my mind’s eye as they are happening in the now. When I do this it allows me to create other realities that I can tap into and go for a while and enjoy. I have a place/experience that I created years ago and I decided to bring it back, which is quite easy and it takes no time for it to ‘become’ as if it is already created in the non-physical, I only have to ‘go’ there now as it has already been built. I know these experiences/visuals can be much much more immersive and vivid and ultimately real, so I am looking forward to seeing the developments of that, plus the others I have in the pipeline.

Obviously, it is early days still, but it is easy for me to move in these directions because I want to. It helps a lot if you want to do the things related to your subliminal use.


Day 6 of T-Z

I forgot to mention yesterday another reason I wanted a night off is that I was getting headaches and they were in response to the sub, as I never get headaches. It’ is not a problem though, deep breathing helps dissipate it and obviously, the night off helps.

A night off the sub felt decent, but today I still feel a certain feeling there, but hard to put into words. I think it is in relation to my desires expanding and wanting to experience a lot of things in life. It is just seeing, deciding and emparking on a certain path to build momentum up in that direction. I am hoping some modules in this sub will help me gain clarity on this over time, as a part of me feels up for pulling the trigger, but just need to know what to pull the trigger on. This sub is feeling powerful and I am looking forward to seeing how things unfold as I feel these desires and wanting inside me strongly, which is making me a little… bit shall we say, impatient, in not knowing what to pull the trigger on.

One thing I am feeling stronger about is to have my own life outside of my relationship, I suppose this lockdown is enhancing these desires for being cooped up and not going out much. Travelling abroad and having solo adventures feels almightly appealing right about now.

I will just have to be content with doing that in my imagination…for now.


I have been thinking about how pathways for connections help one connect/attract/ manifest people, situations, opportunities into one’s life and what happens when one does not have any pathways for these connections to come through? For example, the only social media I have an account on is Youtube. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TickTock etc. I literally only have WhatsApp and a very limited amount of contacts.

I have been pondering how would people that could benefit me (potential friends, mentors, lovers, business partners etc.) contact me?

And am I making it ‘harder’ for these potentials in the quantum field to contact me and am I cutting them off completely because of this?

When I think of people from my past for example (that I don’t mind staying in the past), how would they contact me? … They wouldn’t be able to unless they have my mobile phone number. In some context, this is freakin great, as I wanted to cut of the past a long time ago and I have succeeded. But for the people I do want to manifest into my life…am I creating a roadblock?


I am noticing I am being irritated with some things my partner is doing, for example the sound of her voice, her talking too much and other things. My desire for something (someone else) has increased, it is like it is coming to my mind more often and thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Kind of longing for something different.

I am wondering if this is a part of the reconciliation. It is interesting how these different aspects are coming to the forefront. Like… why?

I don’t know what to make of it, or even know what this means or if it means anything. If it is reconciliation then it will just pass with time, right? Or will it come up with every reconciliation? If the latter is true, then there is know way to know if it means something deeper, because if it did mean something deeper, then that would keep coming back too, right?

I am hoping that time will give me clarity, but it is interesting that it has increased since having my night off. After I listen to my 2 loops tonight and Friday, I will see how I feel after Sat/Sun rest days, as two days of rest is longer.

I am looking forward to this pandemic being over and done with, and the world truly opening up again to a brand new normal. I am looking forward to expericing, connecting and interacting with more people at university most likely September 2021 onwards🤞 as I feel I lack that connecting with new people, new girls, new interacting, new friends l, new experiences… Which can help me gain clarity about my self and where I stand with everything.

I intend to use my time wisley and prepare myself for these days, so I am ready and can make the most of lifes opportunities that will be all around me.