Emporer and Libertine Ultima

Hello all, I’m new here. I bought Emporer a few days ago and Libertine Ultima today. I saw that there were subs mentioned that work very well with Libertine Ultima, but Emporer wasn’t one of the mentioned. Will the 2 not go well together? Also I see terminology mentioned on here that I don’t understand. Like what is a loop, stack ect? Thanks

Emperor should work just fine with Libertine. Libertine is one of those that you run just before you go out to meet girls or go on dates run one loop as in one listening session.

With emperor perhaps start with 3 or 4 loops and see how it goes.


I have both and they blend well. LU will amplify the sexual aspects of Emperor. As @honeymonster stated you can use LU as needed. I am also experimenting with more frequent use with my custom.


I should also add that LU has a very friendly, charismatic vibe that works well as a social enhancer. :sunglasses:

Does loop = how many times you listen and can they be played back to back or do you space them apart?

One loop is the time it takes to run a sub track once, which in almost all cases = 60 minutes. You can play loops back to back or space them out. If you’re new to subs, you might want to start out in the 1 -2 loop range and build up. You should experiment and see what works best for you.

Also, you will want to build in time during each day and during a week to process the information. Some people take a day or two off a week for that. Again, experiment and see what works best for you.


Can I listen to the ultrasonic with other people present? I ask because I’m not single and live with my fiance.

It will effect all the people present

Will it effect the effectiveness of your sub? Another vendor who I will no longer be using since I discovered sub club claims it does.

Libertine is unisex so you could have it on for both, but I’d be careful about the volume with ultras since tinnitus is a thing that some can get from them.

In subliminal’s that have anti-piracy components I believe it causes a negative or diminished effect if shared with other listeners-this is I imagine what you are referring too.

If a person has listened to the ultrasonic around others not knowing not to once would antipiracy kick in and render the sub useless?

I do not know if antipiracy is in sub club subliminals.

But I imagine as long your doing the ‘right’ thing now, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Most of the anti piracy scripting that I’ve heard about will not make the sub stop working on the person who bought the sub just because other people can hear it while they are listening. I remember that I asked when I first started here, and they said Subclub doesn’t do that anyway.
You should consider though that you are exposing someone else to a mind altering influence without their knowledge. I would consider that to be pretty unethical.


For the time being, SubClub chooses to believe in its customers doing the morally correct thing.

You should start with 1 loop of each per day. If that feels comfortable, increase. Be careful with Libertine, you really don’t want to overdo it on Ultimas if you’ve never run them before.

We recommend you don’t expose others to the subs if you don’t have to, and do let them know if you do expose them. In the case of Libertine, I suppose it could have a purpose.

Finally, welcome, have fun, and realize you can edit your posts as easily as delete them. :wink: