Emperor's Origin


This is my sendoff to the brilliant subliminal Ascended Mogul and the beginning of my journal on THE EMPEROR.

First Thoughts:

This thing is quite powerful.

The first thing I noticed is the increase in energy, which means I’m more physically and mentally alert throughout the day.

The same night I had a number of clearing dreams about situations that I was still mentally involved in, although they had passed some time ago.

In the coming days I gained resolution to these issues both inside myself and outside myself.

It seems that everything going on that would stop me from being an EMPEROR is quickly being pulled away and my mindset is shifting accordingly.

I’m quite impressed at how both the inner and outer aspects of my tansformation are both coming into play.


Anything in the ladies department?


@Alexander I am so tempted to start Emperor but I have yet to complete a month with Ascended Mogul. I did purchase Emperor the night it came out & listened to it for an hour or so before bed & had some really intense dreams


Yes I’ve noticed more women staring at me and moving closer to me with a greater frequency and intensity than on Ascended Mogul. I haven’t been out enough to begin seizing these opportunities but that will be coming soon.

I would recommend just starting it man. What’s the worst that can happen to you? If (and thats a big if) you get an adverse reaction, quit listening to it and go back to Ascended Mogul.

The only thing I can see messing you up is that the challenge of growing is more than you can handle, but neither of us will know until you try.


You’re correct. I started Emperor last night. I plan on listening until I embody to my core everything in the Emperor description


I have a lot to post on EMPEROR, but I’ll post my most recent adventure first.

@josh asked me how things were doing in the ladies department…

I hooked up with a girl from Tinder yesterday. I met up with her around 3:30, had her in bed around 6:30.

It was a perfect manifestation.

I messaged her and she replied super quickly and only taking 1-2 minutes. That told me she really, really wanted to meet up with me.

30 mins into the conversation she asks me to FaceTime her, goes on and on about how cute I am, and she apologizes because she talks so much around cute boys.

I drive to her house, where I thought we were going to hookup immediately, but she said her dad had arrived home.

So she took me to this absolutely gorgeous park and we just walked and talked for an hour and got to know each other.

Getting her back to my place was a bit of a challenge, as she put up some resistance, but I just said “Look I’m going home to chill, we don’t have to do anything but I want to go back to my bed.”

Back at my house there was further resistance along the lines of “I don’t want to be another one of your tinder hoes and not have you talk to me ever again,” and the classic “how many girls have you been with?”

I blasted past those and once I finally had her pants off and began fingering her all that resistance went right out the window, it was beautiful.

We fucked for a good hour and a half, but I had just moved back into my parents house (I’ll save that story for another post) and was nervous because the fam was in the living room and I wasn’t sure how much could be heard down the hall.

Afterwards she commented that I had a “magick dick” and must be really experienced and that I did some shit she’d never experienced in her life.

When I went to drop her off she asked me what the relationship was going to be like moving forward.

I told her that school, work and other obligations take priority over her but we can be friends with benefits and she readily agreed.

This is day 5 of EMPEROR. Absolutely bonkers.

The most hilarious part of all this?

This was in her Tinder bio:



I promised I’d post more on EMPEROR so here we go.

On The Last Post

While I enjoyed having sex day one with the new girl, I don’t want it to seem like that was the only enjoyable part of the experience.

The thing with running these subliminals and experiencing these manifestations is that the women I meet are highly compatible with me and its always an adventure.

She’s someone I’m genuinely interested in and compatible with on many levels and while I look forward to fucking her again (of course), I also want to spend time with her.

That’s not something that is solely on her part either. I’ve grown in many ways that I’m capable of handling intimacy much better than I did in the past.

Before all this self growth I’d engage in immature behaviors with women, or be inauthentic.

I have a ways to go, but I actually take pleasure in the relationships I form now because I can truly be myself.

The State of My Evolution

Right now the theme of EMPEROR seems to be bullies.

A lot of content in my dreams has to do with being bullied, being made to feel small and helpless. I’m remembering events that I suppose I repressed some time ago.

I wasn’t aware of just how big of an impact they were having on me now – until I started the sub.

I’ve been responding with anger and isolation, but the difference is that this time I’m actually speaking to people through my anger and anxiety and I’m finding that people are tolerant or willing to work out the situation with me, which wasn’t what I expected.

More Positive Thinking

I’m cultivating more and more positive thoughts, reworking old negative perceptions of myself and harmonizing my life. When I speak of harmony I mean making my life more in line with the new thoughts I’m cultivating. Things as simple as cleaning my room, or getting more work done on time are happening.

More Chances to Socialize

There was an effect on earlier versions of Ascension that I loved and it consisted of people A) inviting me out B) paying for everything and C) always meeting new interesting people and women.

So far I’ve gone bar hopping with friends, flirted with this 30 year old who seemed receptive but hit me with the “too young for me,” deal.

I was invited out to 2 Dollar Tuesdays, but had to decline as I was dead tired. Looking back, it may not have been such a bad idea, but I chose to prioritize waking up early, taking good care of myself and getting work done.

That is the mindset of an EMPEROR.


I’ve begun taking EMPEROR more and more seriously.

When I drive to places now, instead of listening to music, I’ll listen to EMPEROR instead.

Occasionally I’ll play the masked track just to have something to listen to other than silence.

My sense of abundance is increasing.

I have everything I need, but not everything I want. Whenever I’ve gotten to the level of survival, or a little beyond that, I stop putting in effort to create more wealth.

Lately I’ve been looking for ways to increase my wealth, regardless of having enough.

I want more.

There seems to have been some fear in the background that stopped me from having more that is being scrubbed away.

The content of my dreams still revolves around bullies but I believe I’ve made a few key breakthroughs in the real world.

I was buying something to eat and for some reason I got triggered immensely when these two guys were walking towards the same line I was in, almost like a flashback to being bullied.

They stopped in their tracks and let me go ahead of them and I realized that I wasn’t a small 12 year old anymore.

The lady behind the counter was also extra nice to me and went out of her way to fetch me water, putting the other customers on hold.

It feels to me like there was a part of my self and my self esteem that was so badly damaged in childhood that is just now realizing its safe to just be.

In many ways I’m still actively using the strategies I learned in childhood to hide from my parents and other kids who would torture me.

I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe for example, but kept feeling this incessant fear. The fear was that by upgrading my wardrobe I’d stand out, and the more I stood out, the more likely I was to be attacked.

I’m supposed to be hanging out with the girl from the previous post this Saturday.

When I texted her on Thursday I felt this immense shame, this fear of not being good enough.

Earlier tonight I woke up just 4 hours into my sleep in a cold sweat. There was this enormous fear that the closer we got, the more she would realize I was just a piece of shit. I had literally woken up in a panic attack.

It took me an hour to calm down, when I fell asleep again I had these sweet dreams of being intimate with her, or someone else and I’m now awake typing this in peace.


I’ve made a breakthrough out of the shame and low self-esteem I’ve been feeling.

The content of my dreams shifted quite immensely.

I first went from negative dreams to neutral dreams.

Originally a lot of my dreams consisted of me being in fearful situations if I could remember them, or just feeling fear as I woke up.

I then had a dream where I had to deliver a presentation in front of a class and I was somewhat nervous, but everything else was neutral. No one laughed, or did anything negative.

Now I seem to be going through the positive aspects of increased status. I had a dream where I was interacting with some people and having a lot of fun between us.

I got my first hints of increased status today when I woke up and checked my Instagram and saw a girl I’ve had a crush on forever. I was just looking at her picture and realized she was another human being. No different than any other girl I’ve been with or talk to. She just happens to be a little more attractive than those other girls. That’s it.

I realized my attraction to her was just fueled by my low self-esteem, it wasn’t genuine. Now that I could consider ourselves equal, I don’t even like her vibe nor could I stand her from what my friends have told me about her.


More Dreams, More Fears, More Clearing

I began feeling exhaustion the day before my last post, but decided I’d just weather through it.

The night after that post I had an intense clearing dream where I must have been a young kid getting beat by my father.

I woke up yet again in a state of panic.

Something big must have been removed and I’m quite impressed.

Let me put this in context:

I’ve been running some form of audio, whether hypnosis, or subliminal, for 4 straight years.

I’ve pursued all manners of healing by myself.

I’ve pursued various therapies with practitioners.

There’s something in EMPEROR that none of these methods were able to get to.

Not only did the fears clear, my sense of empowerment developed accordingly as well.

Most exciting to me is that I seem to be opening up. I believe all the dreams about bullying and now my father were symbolic of all the repression of self I’ve gone through and now all of that is unfolding for me.

I didn’t listen for the last two nights, only getting some daytime listening in, but I’ve found my productivity to have increased immensely from what it was as well.

The Mogul Aspect

I’ve found a way to be making money while I pursue my dream that will allow me to attend school, focus on a more lucrative career, and free up a lot of my time.

In addition to that I’ll be helping a cause that I’m extremely passionate about.

I’ll be posting more details about these things as they develop, but for now I’d like to keep them vague.


The two days of not listening to EMPEROR seem to have contributed a lot to my increase in productivity.

While my excessive listening schedule was great for clearing, it may not be the best for day-to-day living.

I’ll have to figure out a good routine to maximize productivity/listening time.

It’s a marathon not a race.


Its been quite a while since I posted.

A lot has been going on, both internally and externally.

I had moved back into my parents house to focus on school and saving money and have been adjusting to that mostly.

My current situation is really, really good right now, and I’m certain a lot of it has to do with EMPEROR.

I’m fortunate enough to be in a period where I can delay having a job for some time, while having enough to not constantly be penny pinching or worried. In fact, I’m about 2 months of ahead of all major bills and I’m working on whittling down my debts.

Externally I’ve found myself really getting along with my family and enjoying my current friends and making new ones. I’m closer to all of my siblings than ever, a loving uncle to my nephew, and a good son. I’m more productive, focused and clear about myself and what I want to do these days.

Internally I’ve been experiencing numerous changes to my identity. The most significant is the intense introspection and sorting out of my beliefs. For years I studied PUA material and I realize I spent so much time on that stuff because it fed a deep insecurity that I wasn’t good enough. As my innate self-esteem and my real world ability to handle challenges and conflicts increase, I can see that a lot of it is just bullshit. Because of these realizations I’ve been feeling significantly more connected to the people around me. I feel like I’m emotionally maturing.


I’m currently listening to the original EMPEROR but I’ve found throwing one or two loops of the Extreme version in to be beneficial.

When I was only using the Extreme version it was too much change too fast. One or two loops gives me that extra push without exhausting me.


I’m really enjoying EMPEROR’s manifestation scripting for dating.

Whether the scripting specifically asks for women who are compatible with me, or I’ve grown better at putting my authentic self out there, I owe a large part of it to Subliminal Club.

Dating being one of several different goals of EMPEROR, and me having so much fun with it, makes me really hyped for Sex and Seduction.

I plan on running that alongside EMPEROR for some time to A) get some peak dating experiences and B) create and maintain a steady rotation of women.


Got laid again last night.

Just like the last few times it took just a few hours to get her back into my bed.

She has a free enough schedule to where I can see her quite often if I choose. So even in anticipation for S&S I’ve already got a girl into my rotation.

The difference between this last woman and previous encounters were how self-sufficient I was. I wasn’t seeking validation, and to a large extent I wasn’t even seeking sex. It was on my mind, of course, but I was detached from it in a way that I didn’t need it.

I didn’t really want to leave my house to meet her, but every objection I threw up was met with some counter offer. The less needy I was, the more she wanted me and everything turned out great.


I’ll be switching back to Ascended Mogul for now and mixing it with Sex and Seduction.

I got a lot out of EMPEROR but I have to admit that for me right now, its not the best subliminal to run. I don’t wake up everyday hungry to build an empire. I’m quite satisfied with having great finances, being more productive than usual and access to opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise.

At some point in the future I’ll return to EMPEROR.