Emperor's Journal


Ok, here we go.

There have been 2-3 nights that something major happened that led to a breakthrough in the subliminal department for me.

One of them was the night I found ascended mogul. Before that I was using a sub I have paid 500 bucks and used it for about 3 years.

I played ascended mogul for a while. It was different from other subs. I can say that. After this many years passes you can kind of “feel” the subs and how they use your brain.

After a while, I decided to get emperor 2. It’s been 3 days that I’m using it. Again, it’s different.

Right now I’m in a place in my life that needs a new start. Last year me and my business partner started a side business. It was b2b and our one client lost lots of its customers so we got way less money than we expected. Closed the studio and planned to do the job from home. In general, The foundation for progress in life is there but needs more energy from me.

I’m 28 years old translator from Iran.

I’m thinking about migrating. And everyone that knows my skills and background wonders why I haven’t done that sooner. But migration needs money. Anyways. I hope to get more control of myself with the Emperor. You know after this many times that you try and fail it’s hard to convince yourself to go all the way again.

Since I’m a freelancer my sleep schedule is messed up

I’m underweight for a guy in my height (182-183 and 57kg)

And my financial situation is far from where I want it to be.

I wrote this post so my progress would make sense for someone that’s looking at it from outside.

Last thing, lots of the time when dreaming, I’m aware that I’m in a dream. But past months I can’t do what I intend to do in different situations. Like 85% of the times. It’s not a good feeling that your subconscious is working against you.


Day 20

Right now I only use Emperor for about 16 hours a day. But there are some aspects of the program that I want more.

So I’m thinking to go with this stack :
Emperor x5
Limit Destroyer (maybe since it’s In Emperor)
Rebirth ( maybe since it’s In Emperor)
Mogul x4
And more Emperor

Financial success and success, in general, is really important to me. Because with the money I can make some cool shit happen and enjoy life the way I want to.
Things that I like to see more from myself and program:
More productivity
Taking massive action
Regulating my sleep better
Better financial beliefs and action
More focus on work
Having clarity and sense of urgency
Income increase (I know it takes time)
Caring less what other people think about me and my actions

Yesterday my friend asked me how my dating life is going and I told him about the nurse girl that keeps calling for dates and inviting me over etc. and he asked if I was interested in date his girlfriend’s best friend who broke up recently. he said I was the first person came to his girlfriend’s mind.
Something strange: I posted a joke about 2-3 months ago on fifty shades of the gray movie poster, a girl responded to that and we went back and forth. At one point I said “ I don’t recommend this movie” she “why” me “ it got only a few stupid sex scenes “ she “ congrats, I finally found a guy who said sex scenes are stupid” me thinking “ what? Only because this movie is stupid doesn’t mean they all are, who doesn’t enjoy a good sex scene like the relationship between the protagonist and the AI girl in Bladerunner” anyway I didn’t say anything and just watched her story. Next day she followed me. So I check her profile and guess what, she’s an English student from my city. That’s a weird coincidence. either my ex that I’m ignoring is doing something fishy or emperor doing its job.
She saw my page, I got some followers there and suggested to create some posts for me and kept showing interest.
Even though because of my lifestyle there aren’t many situations that I can encounter a potential partner/girlfriend but attention and desire of opposite sex towards me noticeability increased

the next thing is what I’m most excited about, I’m adding some weight. Maybe about a kilo. I have been using some tips that saw on a video to gain weight, plus some tips from a doctor that my friend went to. And watching Matt Stonie helped cuz that dude eats FAST! and I finish my meals in less than 10 minutes so the capacity of my stomach increased. I put what I do below so it might help someone :
Eat fast
Add Calories to your food like olive oil, mayonnaise, etc
Don’t eat 2-3 hours before lunch and dinner so you are really hungry.
Not Drinking lots of Water with meals.
Waking up earlier.
They are simple but work really well

The inner conversation changed a lot and I started to challenge old, not conscious affirmation about myself.
Productivity: I’m sure there is a part in the script like this: I’m a Massive action taker, I take massive action, take massive action. Because for days that was on my mind a lot and I put 4 stickers with these affirmations on my desk.
Listened to High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard and I think the concept of it can find its way to the subs.
I was discussing the possibility of selling some goods on Instagram while drinking coffee and another friend who opened a boutique and doing good asked me if I’m interested to do the same thing with him. And I think I’m gonna pursue it.
Urge to smoke decreased and I have more control over it. the past week I smoked only 2 cigarets. But got back to 2/3 a day.

Anyway, I’m more positive in my mind. Get less angry at myself or situations.


Quick update

Went out with a male friend and a girl that was his friend.

The girl was interested in chakra and stuff like that and had some pretty interesting experiences so introduced her to some subjects

Had a good vibe. talked for a long time. she said if you guys want I got some greens at home, I thought she’s gonna give it and left but she came to the park near her house with us. and passed joint around [ don’t know the rules ] , since I rarely show interest in girls, even my closest friend doesn’t have a mind reference :grin: so my friend was surprised.

I don’t know if my friend likes her.

Gain some weight and my confidence is off the charts


The nurse girl called and wanted to see me. her Uber (similar company) crashed and she was devestated.so i took her home. group found out i was suppose to be with her.anyways

and went to my friends. saw her again, let’s call her P. she would come to near me in the group when we were walking. laugh to my jokes and bunch of other stuff. our vibes was on another level.

There was one moment on bridge pedestrian. that we both were leaning forward and i was smoking. she was looking at me with most beatifull eyes. her face was mesmerising. this kind of feeling is rare for me.

Edit: she might not be aware of what’s she’s doing or playing games.


Today went to a birthday party and most of the guys including my friends were with their girls. had a drink or two [ it gets interesting when you know we live in iran]. I’m starting to show more interesting aspect of my personality. there was one girl that i could sense her vibe like dude I’m out of your league. but after I played some music on the speaker and talked more, she got more friendly. we played mafia and I got the dr’s role. but we cancled the cards then she asked me :
“what was your role?”
“hmm, you look like dr.” :slight_smile:
since everybody was listening and didn’t want to make sexual tention I just laughed. talked more afterward. then my cousin started to get the sense that there is something and hinted it.

I see other males are becoming aware of my energy and don’t know what to do.

Then went out with a friend that introduced me to P let’s call him Fred. after a couple of minutes he started talking about his relationship with P and how they do “everything” with each other. and other fun activities. insecurity I guess.

Based on what I’m experiencing these days. my mind is shifting. I need new friends. real friends. I’m seeing deeper meanings in peoples actions. and mostly it’s not good. it’s the war of the egos. mind patterns are changing drasticly. and handling it takes lots of energy. but it’s time for Emperor to rise.


Slept 11 PM woke up 4:50 AM

Past days talked more with a girl named Lili. looks like she’s a good fit for me.

Doing many things right like goal setting, visualization, etc

Increasing clarity in my life about what do I want and being honest with myself.


Back in college, had a gorgeous girlfriend that used to say: " beautiful wife is for others " she wasn’t a good human being. and after we broke up. got engaged with my high school and college friend and while they were engaged cheated on him with me (i didn’t know)

Men always try to get some, when they see a beautiful person. no harm in that. but some persist even when know she’s in a relationship. from what I have seen around the world, most women enjoy this attention to some degree. and honestly, I think the situation is bizarre and will get even worse and destroy families even more. now, i’m not saying all women are like that but when you choose a beautiful girlfriend, since there are more guys who try to be with her, it takes more energy from you.

In a perfect world, I would love to be with a girl with “model” traits. but I guess that’s not the best choice.


Saw a friend for a business opportunity. he was the guy who interviewed me for my first translation job and then we became friends. and even went to some tv programs together. worked with him on the transcription business and in 7 days my $ income will start to come.

Then he asked me if i’m interested in running his bitcoin farm. obviously, I said yes.

Gathering some documents for the bank and gonna buy some ant miners.

Preparing for an interpreter exam, i’m sure I can put down English questions. but want to learn a third language like French or Chinese so my chances for landing better clients are higher. basically, there is lawyer guy and I will work for his clients

Things with Lili going well except she’s a little shy about sex and other stuff. the interesting part for her is learning about music, movies, Instagram, drugs etc from me. this is a screenshot from last night. she teaches English to kids and sometimes we chat in English.

Was suppose to meet a friend and roll some “sandwiches” but cancled on him.he wanted to meet me “after” he has done everything else.
he said “I can’t meet you sooner than 11:30 PM”
I replied “I called to say I can’t meet you tonight” (because the bitcoin dude wanted to hang out more)
and after 30 minutes he called to say he can meet me sooner.

The bitcoin dude says what’s in his mind and gave me some insights on how to improve myself. that’s food for thought.